Intelligent sprinkler artifact based on sensor technology

A smart watering system controller called Mist. Developed by California startup Mist Labs, the Lake is able to use the user's humidity sensors in the garden and local weather forecast information to provide the right water supply to the plants in the user's garden. Let’s take a look.

Intelligent sprinkler artifact based on sensor technology

Sprinkler controller and Mist sensor

It is reported that the main component of the Mist sprinkler system is the Mist sprinkler controller. This controller replaces the existing controller in the user's garden and has a control range of up to 16 zones. This controller connects to the network via Wi-Fi. Based on the weather forecast and the humidity sensor data collected by the cloud, it can automatically decide when and how much water to use to water the garden.

The remaining part of the Mist sprinkler system is the Mist sensor. Users can place these waterproof sensors installed in a plastic case into the soil of the garden. These sensors collect soil moisture information, lighting information, and ambient temperature in the soil and then transmit this data to the controller. The sprinkler system sensor is powered by solar cells and can last up to 10 years.

Users can customize the watering time and number of Mist sprinkler systems through the mobile app. Data map

Use of Mist sprinkler

According to reports, the system can quickly sprinkle water in a short period of time. After the water enters the soil, the sensor can update the readings in time and determine whether it is necessary to continue to sprinkle water. In dry weather, the Mist sprinkler system is capable of targeted irrigation of the most affected plants in a given area; in rainy or snowy weather, the sensor automatically detects and ensures that the sprinkler does not Sprinkle water in the environment.

Of course, as for how the Mist sprinkler system distinguishes water-demanding plants, we still don't know. If the user wants every area in the garden to be detected, it will cost a lot of money to purchase the sensor in order to achieve all the features promised by the Mist sprinkler system. At present, the intelligent sprinkler system is still crowdfunding abroad.

Intelligent sprinkler artifact based on sensor technology

In addition, users can customize the time and number of watering the Mist sprinkler system every day according to their preferences through the mobile app.

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