3D Touch technology and Apple 3D touch screen birth

Over the years, Apple has made a lot of things, but the production process remains basically the same: find something ugly and complicated, make it more beautiful and simpler. In terms of beauty, the beauty embedded in the brushed aluminum frame can be said to be the same. However, the simplicity of its products is evolving, which is why JonyIve's focus is not on the days before the geek event in September, the Apple Conference. Put it on the iPad with the new AppleTV or the dog door, but put it on a feature. This feature is called 3D Touch, which makes the iPhone easier to operate. Yves said with a brand new iPhone6s: "In the end, this is the focus of our attention. It inspires all the colleagues in the company to work together." Then he added a tone to add: "3D Touch is our struggle for it." For a long time, many, many, many years."

The Apple Design Studio is much more mysterious than people in the imagination. People may think that it will be like the prehistoric Stonehenge in the UK, but in fact it is just an open office space, some 30-year-old young people from different races, dressed differently, sitting on the iMac desktop Work quietly in front of the computer. On the side of a small kitchen, there are long wooden rest tables, and there is a shiny espresso machine in the kitchen that looks more like a display than a one. The ground is cement. The background music is made independently and the lighting is very bright. The bookcase that stands against the wall has been ceiling-to-ceiling, with a carefully arranged randomness, just like any creative bookstore where you have lost an hour unconsciously inside.

The only clue that this is the Apple Magic Room is a curtain. I've said that behind that is the industrial design room, where there are some exploration and research activities, as well as milling machines and some magical futures, but unfortunately he can't comment on it. 3DTouch technology was born after this.

A few years ago, designers and engineers realized that mobile phones contained so many features—sms, maps, applications, links, photos, and songs—that people waste a lot of time getting back to the home button. Switch between different functions. This is the most trivial first world problem, but there is Apple, no doubt, it will eliminate even the slightest friction between its products and users.

Alan Dye, Apple's vice president of user interface design, said: "'No extra' is a term we often use. We hope that you use our products to make you feel that these steps have been saved."

In the nearly 10 years since the birth of the iPhone, this mobile phone has lost the first version of baby fat, and has grown into a beautiful and fashionable teenager (the 5.5-inch large-screen Plus mobile phone launched in 2014 is called the big brother) . In addition to the two notable exceptions of Siri and "Apple Map", many features have been seamlessly added, almost impeccable. It looks like it is infinite in outlook. However, when your customers are accustomed to expecting, the appreciation of perfect performance will be weakened. Subtle improvements won't win. Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of global marketing, said: "With the introduction of each generation, the threshold for enhanced features is getting higher and higher. You can't just say, 'Give it, take it. It's 5% better than last year's product, which handles the same task. 'No one cares about this.'

Whether it's the round corner of the iPhone or its arrogant “genius” staff, Apple hopes that in the eyes of consumers, everything is weightless for it. Here, superior technology is like freshly baked bread. Easily baked out. Fantasy about it is like finding happiness from Disneyland. Schiller said: "From an engineering point of view, it is incredible to produce a hardware display that can implement 3DTouch. If people are not going to use this feature, then we will spend the whole year. Time is wasted on engineering—in fact, two years—and it costs a lot of money and manufacturing. If it’s just a demo, no one will actually use it in a month, then it’s the engineering genius. A huge waste."

Schiller believes that 3D Touch is a breakthrough, but the designers are not so sure, so no one takes his point of view seriously. “I mean, in a company that has to deal with so many absolute authorities and so many standards, this is an extraordinary achievement...” Ive said, and the voice is getting lower. “You know, we have a hard time going. Measure what the designers have done. We may have worked hard on something for a long time and still don't know what to do."

Apple's design project did not officially start, and there was no pre-set end. The wrong roads and detours for several months are commonplace, and countless plans will be carried out simultaneously. That's why no one really remembers when the entire team was assembled and added 3D Touch functionality to the iPhone. Just remember that they kept asking: If you can press the glass screen in a functional operation, then Shows a shortcut to switch to another feature, instead of sliding through various applications, or letting everything you browse through the main page, what happens? What if the phone can fully understand your thoughts based on changes in your pressure?

Although everyone knows that Apple is a company that puts design first, the degree of design priority in reality is underestimated. The relationship between designers and non-design managers is a bit like the famous American "Pharaoh" (American Pharoah) and its trainers. One party is nominally responsible for managing the other party, but apparently provides services to the other party. Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, said that in most software companies, designers decide what they want and engineers look for ways to make it easy. Fedeliji began his career at Apple and then worked for financial management software maker Ariba for 10 years and returned to Apple in 2009. He said: "Every function has become the product of this unreasonable compromise. Only when it comes to 3D Touch, we finally got such a design experience, 'Yes! That's what we want!' When you come down, ask how difficult it will be to achieve this function."

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