Variety is like me — Libratone ONE Bluetooth speaker out of the box comment

Something was sent by a friend before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Although it was used, it does not matter if it does not use money.

Before the aunt seemed to have measured the sound of this Libratone home. At that time, it was not possible to apply it.

The packaging is simple and elegant. There are no problems with the design of the box and the details of the materials used.

The impression that this is still green and red, the color will jump more, and this light gray sent by my friend is more deeply my heart

This should be considered "flat box" structure? The actual volume should not be small, but because the thickness is significantly thinner, it gives you a more portable illusion. The front is a full mesh cloth covering the original unit.

The back is basically the same, full mesh fabric wrapping, the bottom rubber position, is the boot button and charging port

Cover is not only beautiful, but also increased a certain degree of waterproof capacity (I later searched, it really has IPX4 life waterproof)

At first thought that LOGO is just a warning light, the other depends on the mobile phone side settings, and later found it wrong, whether it is search or volume size, are relying on this LOGO touch indication operation; touch reaction speed is good, and the lighting effect is light and elegant Species.

Later, I watched One and there is a standard version, and the friend sent this is a hundred models, and the difference between the two is that the variety of border handle can be removed, replace other fixed components.

Remove the border can be replaced components

This hand also comes with a fixed hook to see if there are shoulder straps, etc. (need to purchase)

However, individuals usually like to use it directly, which is basically the most convenient

No problem with holding or finding a place to hang


There is an official APP control on the mobile phone side, and the interface of the APP is also quite beautiful. Of course, the settings of EQ certainly include it.

The machine has been used for more than half a month now, and according to one's own previous other bluetooth speakers, one for Libratone (bird sound) One use feelings.

Initial impression: When Libratone was not used before, I felt that the brand was better at designing packaging. The appearance of the product was also the kind of Nordic cold and simple style. And some of the details of the One, such as packaging, details of product grinding tools, touch logo lights and APP interface (including control logic), or feel that it is a mature product, will not make you feel that kind of "beta" feeling .

Use: Compared to ordinary desktop speakers, Bluetooth speakers actually have more life to use some feelings, such as portability, ease of use, and even some special features (such as life waterproof, fixed mode). And One is really good in this piece, a variety of fixed methods, compared with the portable weight, it is still waterproof (can not be soaked or rinse Oh), so that this box still increases the use of a lot of chance.

Sound: Of course, the speaker is the most important sound, no matter how it pulls. The One's box is flat, but the total volume is not small, plus the price of 1.4, so the individual set the target of his voice at the beginning. It is also the sound tyrant Luo, mini this level. The actual use of feelings, sound settings or go for a solution, is the tri-band overall equilibrium, and then fine-tuning the details. Compared to the individual's most commonly used sound tyrants, One's voice will feel more clear, but in the low-frequency stage, the bass unit has a clear sense of intervention, but the overall is not too low frequency too much into the mini. In addition, it is somewhat strange that it is probably the performance in the movie. The sense of space is slightly missing. I don't know whether or not my EQ program is not set.

In general, the advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: The sound is clean and empty, and the overall integration of the product is high.

Disadvantages: Selling price, brand awareness, and cloth need to be taken care of.

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