Tian Hongchuan VS2005 video tutorial: start page and WEB site creation

This series of VS2005 is now divided into 9 sections, which are pre-prepared for VS2005 software, including software installation, VS working environment configuration, creation of project programs and basic functions, tools;

The second part will explain the basic syntax of VS course programming language C#, object creation and use, event-driven programming and loopback, class relationships and class events, VS2005 control introduction and related usage methods, database connection and reading methods,

XML format overview and data access, file management system applications, etc...

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I hope that the students can learn C# programming and learn VS2005 here. Everyone can learn and become an excellent software development programmer!

VS2005 video tutorial: start page and WEB site creation ->> online play (see below) ->> Download video files to the local!


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