This is the same root: GTX1060 3/6GB graphics card, in the end how to choose


GTX1060 3GB finally came!

Initially, the GTX 1060 will be released with a 3GB memory version, and later said that it will not be released, the GTX 1050 will be released directly, and then the GTX 1060 3GB will be available. It seems that NVIDIA is also quite tangled

The GTX1060 3GB is cast from the GP-106 core, stream processors were reduced from the original 1280 to 1152, video memory from the 6GB halved to 3GB, which is why the price difference between the two graphics cards is relatively large, after all, not Only the memory capacity is different, in fact, this is obviously two types of graphics card, it should be called GTX1050Ti or GTX1060SE, but there is, so that some white friends a little dizzy. Do not understand why NVIDIA intentionally confuses this!

It is easy to see from the parameters of the 3GB version of the stream processor is reduced by 10%, then the theoretical 3GB version should have more than 90% of the performance of the 6GB version, which is nothing to say.

The memory capacity will be directly halved, and the reduction in this magnitude will be relatively large. One listing will cause some controversy.

There are black: Even if the 1060 has 980 performance, but only 3GB memory, running points may be high, the actual game, may only have the effect of 970,960, within the next few years 3GB memory must be a variety of explosions!

There are powder: Big memory is a gimmick, mislead consumers, play 4k, 8GB have to burst memory, burst memory is also occasionally Caton immediately adjust it back, the monitor is 1080P, basically no difference, performance is worse, cheap three Five hundred dollars, it is not worthwhile!

Price Party: To stick to GTX1060, add money to buy GTX1070!

Prior to the appearance of Pascal, memory was still 2GB mainstream; 4GB high-end, only GTX980TI this card emperor has 6GB of memory. Awakening found that 3GB/4GB became the mainstream; 6GB/8GB became a high-end, the future card emperor may also have 12GB of memory!

The change in this world is really fast, but I suddenly remembered how to push video cards in a few years.

In order to serve the public, I simply test the gap between the two graphics cards to see if 3GB is enough? Is the memory large?


Graphics appearance and dismantling

Borrowed from a friend Zhang: GALAXY GTX 1060 GAMER 6GB

Start with yourself: GALAXY GTX1060 Black 3GB

Now I actually have to post the vouchers for posting, so strictly ah, avoid saying that I advertise, and hide the business.

Although one is a series of ashes of the GAMER series, it is only a matter of appearance and color, and the materials and frequency are basically the same. This also makes comparison testing more reasonable.

GALAXY's graphics card, Hall of Fame is the first product, GAMER and ashes followed closely, considered second-tier products.

The black fan is GTX1060 black and white 3GB; the red fan is GTX 1060 GAMER 6GB.

On the height of the two card slot, the standard thickness. The GTX1060 does not have an SLI interface. It is presumably that the NV is also afraid of the power of the original flood after two SCPs in the 1,060 group and directly kill the boss. Being a dessert-grade product does not support SLI. It is indeed a big pity.

Power supply is the same: 2 6pin, a 6pin more than the public version, it can be said that the power supply is doubled, of course, 6 + 2pin power supply line convenience, and 6 + 6pin power supply can obviously provide more stable power, each has its own advantages. In addition, the two 6-pin spacing is quite far, and the snap is also on the top, which is convenient for disassembling the power connector.

Side: GTX1060 black gray 3GB side LOGO is "GALAX"; GTX 1060 GAMER 6GB LOGOSHI "GAMER", are all with faith lights!

The heat dissipated configuration of the three fan three heat pipes is sufficient for the GTX1060. The lengths of the two heat sinks and PCBs are also the same. The heat dissipation length is about 285mm, and the length of the backplane is less than 270mm. It is also the length of the PCB.

I/O interface is also the same: including 1 DVI interface, 3 DP interfaces and 1 HDMI interface, consistent with the public version

The opening of the metal back plate is also the same, LOGO is not the same;

Two polymer capacitors can be seen in the opening of the backplane. The former small soybeans have basically disappeared.

Dismantling to see PCB board is also completely the same layout, are using 5 + 1 power supply, compared to the public version of the 3 + 1 phase power supply design is luxurious; power supply uses a solid-state chip inductor, 1 on 2 The lower MOSFET, the solid capacitor, was Fujitsu, which was acquired by Binichikang.

Let's take a look at the details:

All are small cores. The 3GB serial number is GP106-300-A1; the 6GB serial number is GP106-400-A1.

Memory is to come Samsung GDDR5 memory particles, 3GB of a capacity should be 512MB; 6GB of a capacity should be 1GB;

The main control power supply is a uP9511P, but the back number is different.

Polymer capacitors, small series also have different numbers.

The same is true of the radiators, which are three 6mm heat pipes. In the ointment, there is no nickel plating.

GTX 1060 GAMER 6GB fan has LED strips on the outside of the protective case, and the side LOGO also has lights, which can be adjusted by software for RGB lighting

GTX1060 black gray will be 3GB only the side of the LOGO has a light effect, but also through the software for RGB lighting effect adjustment, the effect is slightly inferior.


Theoretical performance test

Its own hardware platform is as follows, test GTX1060 should have no bottleneck.

CPU: i7-6700K (OC: 4.5GHz)


Graphics Card: GALAXY GTX1060 Black 3GB


SSD: Plextor M6G+ 128G M.2 2280 SSD

Memory: GALAXY GAMER DDR4 2133 4GX4

Chassis: COOLMAN Beast Chassis

Power Supply: SURPASS 500 Full Module Power Supply

System: Windows 10

Driver: NVIDIA ForceWare 372.70

First run minute! Can see the basic frequency of 1557MHz, Boost frequency of 1772MHz, the highest frequency recorded in the test is 1961.5MHz, exactly the same ah, so the test is completely the same frequency, very perfect comparison test Oh, in addition to the test power consumption The maximum power.




After running the test, the maximum temperature of 3GB is 52 degrees; the maximum temperature of 6GB is 59 degrees; the core is 10% worse, and the temperature difference is quite large.

New 3DMark



Ultra is a 4k benchmark test, but memory consumption does not exceed 2900MB

Time Spy



Heaven Extreme

Valley Extreme HD

To make a summary convenient for everyone to see, you can see the performance of 3GB 9GB 95% to 95%, really is almost ah, and from the point of view of running points is already the level of the public version of GTX980, of course, to illustrate is all the test The largest memory consumption in China did not exceed 3GB.

Since the power in the test has been changing, it is difficult to measure an average power consumption, but only to find the maximum power consumption, so it is not very accurate, refer to it, 3GB power consumption is only slightly lower than 6GB, The official gives 3GB and 6GB TDP are 120w, this result can also meet the official statement.

The power of the test is actually the output power, which is 80 to 90% efficiency. The actual input power is only about 200W. Now the mainstream platform power is on these, so it is too sad to sell power.

Use FURMARK to test the temperature and power consumption: After 10 minutes, the temperature of 3GB is 59 degrees; the temperature of 6GB is 93 degrees. Obviously the power is basically the same, and the difference in temperature is obvious. Is it the individual difference?

Since the frequency of the graphics card in the test is not the largest, the power is not higher than the previous test.




Game performance test

To start the game test, the resolution of the monitor is actually 1920X1200 (16:10), which is set to 1080p in the setting, in order to be consistent with the mainstream display.

Killer 5, bloody rogue, ancient tomb 9, subway anti-aliasing, picture quality, special effects are all open to the highest, the average number of frames in the two graphics benchmark test can exceed 50, although there is no margin, but also Can basically guarantee the smooth running of the game.

If the anti-aliasing, quality, and special effects of the wizards 3 and 3 are all at their highest, and the number of frames is only about 40, it's hard to be said to be smooth. After the shaman 3 turns off the special effects of the hair, it can grow to more than 50 frames; 3 islands Anti-aliasing down to MSAA 2X can be up to 60 frames. Since the two games do not have a benchmark, the test is a specific scenario and may not represent the performance of the entire game. Like islands 3, the number of indoor scene frames will be much higher.

This 6 games even in the 2k resolution, the memory consumption will not exceed 3GB, so the gap between the two graphics cards and the theoretical run points show the same trend, on average, 3GB to achieve 95% of the performance of 6GB, very good value .

Singularity ash If anti-aliasing, image quality, and special effects are all maximized, 40 frames will not be achieved. Anti-aliasing will be MSAA to 4X, and various image quality will be adjusted to approximately 60 frames (in fact, the game is drawn The resources consumed are much larger than anti-aliasing. The 6GB version consumes more memory than 3GB, and it also exceeds 3GB when it is open. However, it is difficult to conclude that 3GB of memory is not enough because the games are very greedy. If the memory is relatively large, it will occupy more. Judging from the performance gap, on average, 3GB achieves 96% of the 6GB performance. Consistent with the previous, it looks like 3GB of video memory is sufficient.

Analyze the highest DX12 open situation, use MSI Afterburner software to record the memory and memory occupancy, found that the 3GB version of the memory footprint to be more, it is likely to take up some memory capacity, this memory consumption is about 3GB It is difficult to analyze clearly. Anyway, in terms of effect, the 3GB version can also be competent!

GAT5 also has the same settings, 6GB version of the video memory consumption than 3GB more cases, MSAA: X8; quality: very high; advanced image: off this group of tests, 3GB version shows direct display memory is not enough, can not be confirmed This set of settings is really not even a chance to storm.

Judging from the performance gap, on average, 3GB achieves 90% of the 6GB performance, which is lower than the results of the previous tests. In addition, the gap between 3GB and 6GB will increase when the anti-aliasing, image quality, and special effects are relatively high. But look at the memory consumption, but there is no odds in the 3GB version of the memory consumption of the odds more than the 6GB version of the situation, and 3GB of the three groups of tests, the maximum memory consumption are less than 3GB, there is no obvious phenomenon.

However, 10% is also a normal gap, after all, the difference between stream processors is also 10%.

Full open memory over 3GB directly will not let you use, really do not give face ah!

Finally, to test the rise of the memory killer Tomb Raider , this latest game masterpiece can be counted as a memory black hole, anti-aliasing can be opened up to the SSAA 4X, the image quality can be directly selected very high, will automatically set a variety of special effects, But this time not all of the options are the highest, there are 2 to 3 options that are considered moderate effects, tried full open, 6GB version of the number of frames is only 30 frames, also was exposed, so this test does not enter the statistics. And when you tried to test this game with GTX1070, 8GB will be completely occupied. It really feels how many memory black holes will be used in this game.

It can be seen that the memory is almost used up. As the anti-aliasing, picture quality, and special effects are higher, the difference between the two graphics cards is also greater. The biggest difference is that the 3GB performance is only 75% of 6GB (not yet fully effective. In the high case), it was also obvious that 3GB of scene frames for many scenes was only a dozen frames in the test, which was obviously burst. Only with anti-aliasing open to FXAA, 3GB performance can approach 90% of 6GB.

Three groups of DX12 test, using MSI Afterburner software to record the memory and memory occupancy, found that 3GB version of the memory footprint to about 11GB, 6GB version of the memory usage is only about 8GB, obviously 3GB version of the graphics card to borrow memory, but after all, memory The frequency is low, it is still difficult to come back,


Popular science "anti-aliasing"

From the previous tests, it can be seen that the anti-aliasing settings of many games are critical to the memory consumption. There are many kinds of anti-aliasing: SSAA.MSAA, FAXX, people who don't know how to read will also be a headache, simple science here a bit:

Anti-aliasing: The full name should be "anti-aliasing distortion." In the game, the edges of some objects will always appear as triangle serrations, commonly referred to as "dog teeth." Anti-aliasing refers to the softening of edges of such objects, so that the edges of the image appear smoother and softer, resulting in better picture quality. Eliminate the misalignment of the polygon junction and reduce the distortion of the image.

The first generation of anti-aliasing technology was SSAA supersampling anti-aliasing. The effect is very good. Simply put, the higher resolution image is compressed to a low resolution image. For example, the 4K image is compressed to 1080p for you to see. The image is of course very clear and the image quality is high. It can be imagined that the method for processing the entire screen is very costly, and the consumption of resources is also extremely high.

The second generation of anti-aliasing is MSAA multi-sample anti-aliasing, which only super-samples the anti-aliasing of data in the Z-Buffer and Stencil Buffer. In short, only anti-aliasing of the edge of the polygon is performed instead of the entire screen. In this way, MSAA's consumption of resources is greatly reduced. Of course, in theory, it is inferior to SSAA in image quality.

However, even MSAA will consume some resources and affect the game's frame rate. So there is FXAA Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing. It is equivalent to a high-performance approximation of the MSAA effect. In the post-processing phase of the target game's rendering pipeline, DirectCompute is not used. It is simply a post-processing shader that does not depend on any GPU computing API. Therefore, the occupancy of resources is very small, and the effect on the frame rate is also reduced. Although there is no dog teeth, the use of FXAA images will appear blurry and the sharpness will decrease. It also makes the picture quality not as good as the first two.

In addition to these three basic anti-aliasing, there are CSAA, SMAA, etc., are interested in their own Baidu.

The highest anti-aliasing in the rise of Tomb Raider is the SSAA. It's no wonder that the anti-aliasing will be depleted. Capture the effects of different anti-aliasing settings. See what's different!




Obviously it can be seen that the FXAA is relatively vague and the SSAA screen is much better, but I don't feel that SSAA X2 and X4 are so different, but the frame rate of the two is more than 10 frames. Therefore, if your own memory capacity is lower, you can reasonably reduce the anti-aliasing setting, and the effect will not be greatly reduced.

In addition, the most important reason for the appearance of dog teeth in the foregoing is the restriction of resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality. Therefore, if the game is played at a resolution of 2k or more, anti-aliasing can be reduced to increase the number of frames. The effect will not be bad.


to sum up

Through hard tests, you can generally judge:

1) In the case of sufficient memory: The 3GB version can reach more than 90% of the performance of the 6GB version, and the average price should be about three to five hundred, which means that it is very valuable.

2) If the memory requirement is slightly over 3GB, the system will call memory to save the urgency and the effect will not be too bad.

3) If the memory requirement is far beyond 3GB, calling the memory is useless, and exploding the memory becomes inevitable.

Whether or not it will explode depends on different game situations. Even if it's broken, don't forget about black brain. You can also adjust the settings to balance the number of frames and quality. After all, it's a dessert-level graphics card. You can't be too direct. Pull up to play happily, but also have to adjust their own carefully to explore. In terms of price, the 6GB price is now around 2,000. For dessert-grade products, 3GB around 1600~1700 will no doubt be even more sweet.

Of course, the 6GB version is also worthy of choice, if 3GB is suitable for the moment, suitable for online games, that 6GB version belongs to the future, after the game masterpiece is likely to be more and more memory capacity requirements, 6GB will deal with more Easily, in addition there will be advantages under the high score screen, if you want to use for a long time, 6GB will be more appropriate.

The above is generally my opinion. It may not be all right, but it may not be all right. I am purely amateur, limited time and energy, testing is difficult to perfect, this time there is a lack of high score screen test; GTX1060 price range there is A card competition: 480 8GB/4GB, 470, did not conduct a comparative test together (Mainly because it was not borrowed), and later there is a chance to play slowly.

Connection Modules

The Connection Modules is one of parts of connection systems. Including 8/10 pair connection/disconnection krone module, switching, high band modules, quick connect module, 25pair splicing module, 10pair STG module, MDF, STB module.

LSA Module, Lighting Protector, Mounting Frame, STB Module, High Band Modules, STG Module Switch Module, Earth Module, Back Mount Frame


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