HP HP Shadow Wizard II generation notebook notebook sun

Forget it, don't write a list, simply bask it. This is the cousin who wants to go to college. He told me to buy for the election. The realization is very revolting to help other people buy computers and computers. Because you have to have a lifelong maintenance after you buy them. Think about it is very tiring and say more. It's tears.

The needs of college students, think about all know, so initially set the scope is, as large as possible, the mainstream of game performance above, cpu sixth-generation i5 or more, comes with ssd (self-loading too much trouble), read a circle, choose Hewlett-Packard's Shadow Wizard 2 generations, this looks like quite popular, and waited for a few days before the goods, start the price 4999, why choose this, in addition to the appropriate price and configuration and the above points, read evaluation good heat dissipation The tuyere is also good at the back, the interface position is not full of things after the rear full of things, and the keyboard light is also quite cool (small cousin feels 叼 叼 sky), so finally in the ASUS Flying Fortress and Dell's recreation Hewlett-Packard has chosen this comparison.


Simple bubble across

It's not the hp logo. This is the logo of the phantom elf.

Bottom inlet

Behind the outlet

The frame is touching,,,,, it is touching. .

The touchpad button feels hard 1B, feel can be described as very poor.

The maximum opening angle is enough.

Keyboard praise, bright lights high face value.

Then, performance test? ,, The game test, forget it, a configuration of goods, configuration, run points the same. The game experience is almost the same. Leave a small cousin slowly toss it, anyway, this configuration mainstream game is very smooth drops.

But I still ran down the entertainment master, hahaha.

In the battery mode, under the default power settings, more than 90,000 points were run and no fan noise was heard.

Connected to the power, 140,000 points, the two fans, ah, whirring, quarrel, you imagine.

Then I found that my own network card was dual-frequency 1200m, and then LAN copy files measured speed.

5G run 600m.

2.4G run 250m

The cable is full of Gigabit speed. In short, the network card praised.

to sum up:

1, reasonable configuration (i5, 960M, 4G, 128SSD, 1080IPS screen), the price is right, cost-effective.

2, the mold is reasonable, but the low value, rough texture, workmanship is also rough, but the positioning of the various homes are like this, the money did not spend in this one.

3, the keyboard with light praise, easy to use at night.

4, personally feel that if you pay great attention to game performance you should buy a desktop.

5, this price, comprehensive performance, appearance, B grid. This choice will not be wrong.

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Push buttons--press the button to play the message/audio/music

5.Long Lifespan

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7.Battery:AA, AAA, AG13, AG10, AG3 and so on environmental

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