Zenit U7600C TV Review

When it comes to Japanese companies, it is easy to think that people go to Japan to buy toilet lids and household appliances. Although it has a tendency to follow suit, it also reflects that Japanese household electrical appliances are particularly attractive in at least some aspects. , perhaps quality, perhaps feelings, or maybe just some product details. This is not an escort, but as a consumer's right to choose a product, so do not have to use the Japanese home appliances, mouth but with the flow of words to boycott Japanese goods, then my heart is still complacent to buy a baby. You like to treat yourself frankly.

In 2016, faced with the indiscriminate bombing of domestic color TV manufacturers, Toshiba, as a veteran manufacturer, did not follow the wave, choosing to stick to its own design style and product positioning. With its own technology accumulation, it brought consumers the most. Real product experience. The philosophy of life is to spend time and money on meaningful things. Toshiba's TV products are also like this, discarding those long and protracted concept marketing, as well as fancy features or content, putting the product in its rightful place. Return to the essence of technology and products. Recently, the PConline evaluation room received a Toshiba 2016 new generation REGZA Hyun thin 4K LCD TV. What kind of performance does it have? Depth analysis is clear.

Note: The models participating in the evaluation are 65U7600C, and the U7600C series are also the 55U7600C and 50U7600C models. The only difference between them is the size and size, and there is no material in the design material, screen technology, hardware performance, etc. difference.

Appearance: To thin, minimalist

The first impression of the Toshiba U7600C series TV is that it is minimalist, the overall design maintains a simple and stylish style, low-key and restrained color scheme, making the overall screen more profound, combined with the popular ultra-narrow border design elements, to abandon the rough border to bring Visual shackles.

The screen is made of black crystal screen and designed by Japanese structure experts to ensure that the screen is firm and not deformed and the thickness of the screen is reduced to the thinnest, only 9.9mm. What is the concept of 9.9mm, compared with the iPhone 6 Plus can see that the thickness of its side is slightly thicker than the average mobile phone, whether it is affiliated with the wall or placed on the table, are very good savings of space occupied, like to enjoy the picture frame art.

Toshiba U7600C series back panel design is also following the minimalism, the upper part of the metal backplane design, the surface is frosted to bring a different texture, the lower part of the HIPS material, with a flame-retardant effect. At the same time, it also simplifies the extra button design of traditional TVs, leaving only a five-dimensional function button, which can replace the remote control to achieve some basic functions.

The whole fuselage adopts four-segment splicing technology, and after frosted processing, to avoid the impact of fingerprint residue on the overall aesthetics, the two measuring frames also use full metal edging design, smooth transition, to avoid the dull impression brought by the big screen .

The design of the base is also a place where many manufacturers are trying to think. A good base design brings a safe support, and it can bring a sense of inspiration to the quiet screen. Toshiba U7600C uses a double support base design, with its unique anti-back buckle design, the surface through the electroplating process to make its metal feel more prominent, In addition, Toshiba's infrared remote control TV reception and power breathing lamp are near the base, Breathing lights emit different colors of light, just to the bottom of the consistent metal lines to embellishment.

Interfaces, Toshiba U7600C interface design all in the back of the TV, plug and pull is still very convenient. The type of interface is also very rich, including 3 HDMI interfaces, 2 USB2.0 interfaces, 1 USB3.0 interface, AV input and output interfaces. Different other TV interface configurations, Toshiba U7600C also has two microphone interfaces, has a very rich living room entertainment features.

The audio system has two independent cabinet sound designs at the bottom of the back of the TV. At the same time, it supports audio decoding of high-definition video and Dolby Digital Plus technology, which makes the sound more three-dimensional and more layered.

Toshiba remote control abandon the traditional 37-key design, simplified as 16 commonly used buttons, and all for the graphic logo, easy to understand the use of the elderly children, the key and key processes are finely designed, ideal for one-handed operation, special on the remote control of Toshiba Rocket sound effects a key to open the button, allowing you to feel the shock of hearing anytime, anywhere!

Summary: In this easy to hit the face of the era, Toshiba U7600C series continues its own concise style, ultra-thin body, ultra-narrow frame break through the visual boundaries, bringing a strong impact of the impact; metal body and base design, so that The television is richer in texture, double-supporting metal bases, as well as smart breathing light embellishments, rounded frosted metal edging, electroplating process bases and HIPS material back covers, all demonstrating Toshiba’s rigorous pursuit of product design and craftsmanship. . Perhaps Toshiba's designer is the five kernels in the constellation.

Screen comprehensive test article: "color" out of a day

Image quality is the essential demand for TV. The Toshiba U7600C series TVs have outstanding performance in color, and the light control and system UI are also a lot of highlights. Overall, it gives an 8.5-point affirmation. Why is such a high score? Look at the various tests.

Toshiba U7600C uses a black crystal screen, surface nano-coating, reducing the reflection light source, test results, the screen as a whole average brightness of up to 318cd/m2, the entire screen brightness values ​​are very uniform.

Power performance test

Power consumption performance, through the playback of different pure color photos, recording the power consumption value of the TV, from the above table can be seen that Toshiba U7600C power control is very good, both with this good screen, but also with Toshiba deep optimization capabilities Closely related.

Color performance test

From the above figure, we can see that the Toshiba U7600C performs under the full color gamut chart. The transition between colors is very natural, and the saturation is also high. There is no hard mark or color change between color transitions. Take a look, it is indeed RGB true 4K panel, the pixel is 4 times the full HD, to avoid the screen display grainy, more rich picture details.

As can be seen from the above figure, the Toshiba U7600C TV test NTSC color gamut value as high as 100.55%, is a real wide color gamut screen, red display capability is particularly prominent, yellow performance is also more excellent than the previous TV, I believe the subsequent screen shot proofs Will find the answer.

From the chromatic aberration analysis chart, we can see that the color detection machine determines that the Toshiba U7600C is qualified, and the color reproduction is quite reliable, and there is almost no color difference with a large difference in chromatic aberration.

In the silk standard test screen, the overall picture color of the Toshiba U7600C is more realistic, and the different shades of color in the same color can be well distinguished. No color cast appears, and the details are very delicate.

In the actual drawing of the yarn ball, we mainly compare whether there is a bond area between the red and pink in the lower right corner. It can be seen that the demarcation between the yarn balls of various colors in the screen shot is very clear and there is no obvious color deviation. The color from the dark part to the light part is also natural, and the color saturation is high.

Light control performance test

In the brightness test session, we will first turn the backlight on to the brightest, but the brightness value uses the default, so the brightness looks more natural. Toshiba U7600C average brightness up to 318cd/m2, test screen shot can see the scene as a whole gray scene, from dark to light, the details of the different levels of grayscale performance are very good, making the overall picture level is very full.

Grayscale test results show that thanks to the black crystal screen, the nano-coating on the screen surface absorbs the external light source, preventing reflections and increasing the contrast. From 0 to 15 continuously changing from black to white, you can see the overall performance of the Toshiba U7600C is quite good. The boundary between the white parts is very clear, but the boundary between the 0~1 two levels is a bit less awesome. .

Under black status, it is one of the most direct ways to check the quality of the screen. From the screen shot test chart, the overall Toshiba U7600C is very dark, with a slight light leakage in the upper right corner, but not obvious.

In the black and white standard test screen, we can see that the Toshiba U7600C's black and white screen performs quite well. In the Tokyo Tower, the sky is sinking, and there is no light leakage. The darkness of the middle billboard is clearly distinguished. In the black and white dress lady test screen, regardless of the color of the dress, the silhouette of the clothes can be It is distinguished from the same color background and has a good sense of layering. It should not be too similar to the details and the details are missing. In charcoal, the side charcoal lines are well preserved.

Dynamic performance test

Many consumers are keen on sci-fi and action movies, and their screens often change dynamically at high speeds. This also imposes requirements on the dynamic performance of television screens. In this test session, they are seen through the train window from the enlarged view. Whether the scenery on the other side of the train is clear to determine the merits of its dynamic performance, from the screen shot map of the Toshiba U7600C, the edge of the house is very clear, through the window, the outline of the silhouette of the car is clearly visible, and not because of high speed The phenomenon of smearing or blurring occurs.

From the test results and standard test discs, we can see that the Toshiba U7600C2 dynamic test performed satisfactorily. In the same price level products, its performance is absolutely at a high level. Maybe a picture is not convincing. Let's take a look at other screens. Make a sample.

Summary: Toshiba U7600C2 picture quality, with 100.55% NTSC ultra-high color gamut, yellow and red display performance is very prominent, with its black crystal screen mounted, using the surface of the nano-coating, reducing the external light source The reflection enhances the contrast of the TV, making the black appear darker and the white appear whiter, thereby enhancing the clarity and color expression of the television, avoiding the loss of detail or graininess of the screen, and the level is more abundant; in terms of dynamic performance, Dynamically renders HDR technology, adjusts the brightness and darkness of the source of the TV, optimizes the contrast so that the brightness range is closer to the perception of the human eye, so that the picture details are well preserved and expressed.

Technical highlights

Black Crystal Screen

Toshiba is different from other LCD TVs, equipped with a black crystal screen, and its surface is a layer of highly transparent nano-coating, which can well solve the screen graininess caused by too large panels. In addition, the black crystal screen can effectively absorb the external environment. The light, reducing diffuse reflection, thereby enhancing the contrast of the TV, making the TV more vivid colors, the screen is more layered.

Compare the difference between the black crystal screen and the ordinary screen, in which the Toshiba U7600C is a black crystal screen, the other two brands of TV is a normal screen, in the all black environment by opening the flash to take pictures on the screen. We can see that the Toshiba U7600C has the purest black screen appearance, and not only the eight stars and eight arrows on the black crystal screen, but also the LED bulbs are clearly visible. The non-black crystal screens do not see the LED light bulbs and there is a large circle in the center. gosh.

4K dynamic light HDR

HDR is also a high dynamic range technology. Finding the best performance between the bright and dark parts of the picture brings you with a brighter detail in the overall picture and a darker part in the dark part.

Toshiba uses 4K dynamic light shadow HDR technology, that is, through chip analysis through technical analysis and adjustment of the TV's source brightness and dark parts, optimizing the contrast makes the brightness range closer to the perception of the human eye, and then finally through the engine processing HDR on the TV show 4K screen after. The picture better reflects the visual effects of people in the real environment.

Multimedia test articles: super video decoding

The demand for local media playing functions began to be weakened. However, as the most basic function of smart TVs, their performance can not be ignored. The support and playback quality of local media files can often reflect how high the performance of TV is. Today I used the 64G USB3.0 flash disk input to test the Toshiba U7600C.

The first test video file, in the movie playback, its decoding is very important. Toshiba U7600C supports a wide variety of formats that are currently available, including AVI/DIVX, FLV/F4V, WMV/ASF, 3GP/3G2/3GPP, MP4/M4VMPEG/MPG/DAT/VOB/EVO/VOB, TS/M2TS , MKV/WEBM, MOV, etc.

Regardless of the mainstream formats mp4, mkv, rmvb, playback means no stress. Toshiba U7600C new REGZA high color gamut technology and 4K dynamic light shadow HDR technology, through the chip technology analysis to adjust the quality of the source, so that a wider range of brightness, more true reduction of color, play fierce battle scene, the dynamic picture becomes clearer, Reduced the blurring of the fierce screen.

In the face of mainstream video formats and encoding in the market, the most common H.264 encoding, Toshiba U7600C naturally said that there is no pressure, and the latest H.265 encoding, Toshiba U7600C still plays smoothly, coupled with its image quality engine, facing the explosion scene Each detail of the debris blown up was clearly recorded.

Rocket Sound System

The Rocket Sound System is a new generation of Toshiba's integrated and TV sound system. The subwoofer and high-power load amplification system ensure sound quality and create a stunning surround effect in a short period of time, bringing more realistic sound effects.

Toshiba U7600C also supports Dolby sound, the dual-channel load signal is reduced to four channels of complementary interference, making the sound more delicate, bringing more shocking audio-visual effects. On the equipped remote control, there is a sound effect one-click switching button, which can quickly open the TV sound system and bring audio and visual impact.

Summary: Multimedia test link, Toshiba U7600C unique REGZA high color gamut technology and 4K dynamic light shadow HDR technology, restore the scene, making the overall color more delicate and saturated. Its exclusive rocket cannon sound system, so that enhance the bass effect, to obtain a wider range of sound, visually, hearing continuously refreshed consumer pursuit of television sound and color.

UI and Intelligent Systems

In the era of smart TV flooding, the operating system of the Toshiba U7600C is also designed with the utmost care. It is equipped with a 64-bit Android 5.0 intelligent system. It works deeply with Tencent Video, and its video resource richness is undoubted. In terms of entertainment, there are two microphone interfaces. K songs have become one of the most important selling points for TVs. In addition, Toshiba also has built-in ATEN game halls to work with Bluetooth devices to bring a truly big-screen gaming experience.

Toshiba's intelligent systems have made many optimizations for large-screen displays, using card-based dynamic displays to push the latest audio and video consultations. Concise and competent in the layout of the section, clear and distinct sorting, it is easy to find what you want.

Since it is an Android 5.0 system, the biggest advantage is customization, the initiative lies in the consumer, the user can change the theme, background according to their own preferences, you can also adjust the channel module of the main interface according to their own viewing habits.

Increase and decrease the classification, select the classification of the subscription you need to increase or decrease, and achieve the user-defined effect.

In terms of video resources, the Toshiba U7600C and Tencent Video are deeply collaborating to provide consumers with a strong guarantee of the richness of video resources and real-time updates of resources.

Whether it is film or television, or other variety shows, its classification is not the same as other TVs. It does not simply classify video resources according to the subject matter, but it can also rank according to the user's experience rating, and push high-quality video resources.

Each video resource has a different definition of the source, users can choose the best resolution according to their network conditions, to achieve the best viewing results.

Toshiba launched a global broadcast cinema line. As the world’s first home-based TV movie product, it will simultaneously broadcast global cinema movies and unreleased movies. Users will be provided with “synchronous cinema” product services that are basically synchronized with the movie schedule. Of course, you still have to pay for the video.

Since it is positioned as a 4K TV, whether 4K resources have also become a factor for consumers to consider, Toshiba appears to be more sincere than this, compared to other vendors who do not provide online 4K resources or provide only some natural 4K film source experiences. And its 4K resources theme is very rich.

Mentioned earlier, Toshiba U7600C has two microphone interfaces, how can this function of K songs less, with its music scene, rainbow music and other functions, can make TV instantly into a concert and KTV, detonated living room entertainment scene.

Summary: Toshiba U7600C series TV equipped with Andrews 5.0 intelligent interactive system, the most user-friendly place is to give the overall design right to the consumer, you can customize the interface style settings, channel column content, etc., all just to satisfy consumers the most convenient In terms of operations, resources, and Tencent video cooperation, with massive video resources, also equipped with a global broadcast, the first movie theater resources can be paid online on demand.
Toshiba U7600C series TV users can refer to the tutorial: Toshiba 55U7600C through the U disk to install TV live video software Install sofa housekeeper to achieve third-party application extensions.

Features feature articles: massive app download

As a smart TV, its content and playability need to withstand the test, Toshiba U7600C has its own application mall, each APP is optimized for large-screen television display transformation, rather than directly from the mobile version of the APP.

The author chose to recommend downloading experience in the applause assistant app. As an assistant and good steward of television, the assistant has the common functions of TV and set-top box operations. It includes installation prerequisites, software search, software upgrade, network speed measurement, and files. Management, software management, one-click cleaning and many other functional modules.

This fun-loving assistant has an interesting function, that is, it can help detect how many people share a network with you. To put it bluntly, how many people call you, you can change the wireless password and prevent others from stealing your home. The network causes slow speeds.

In addition there are many APPs for free download, I downloaded the Mango TV experience, you can watch online the latest resources the first time.

The viewing function also supports viewing back, without having to worry about missing playback time and waiting for replay. Have you seen so many live broadcast channels?

Game entertainment is also a new feature of smart TVs. The Toshiba U7600C has a large number of games built in, and consumers can download for free. The Toshiba U7600C supports Bluetooth 4.0 device connection. You can easily connect TVs via a Bluetooth device to get a better gaming experience.

Evaluation summary:

After a series of tests, the author made the following summary:

Toshiba launched three different sizes for the U7600C series at a time. 65U7600C, 55U7600C, and 50U7600C, both of which have the same intrinsic technology and quality, have taken into consideration the needs of consumers for different sizes from the market point of view.

It is undeniable that the high face value can bring a good impression to a product. In appearance design, Toshiba U7600C is different from other brand manufacturers, always follow the Japanese minimalist design style, it is well avoided the homogenization of the product, Bring an ultra-thin, frameless visual experience. In terms of quality, the Toshiba U7600C uses a black crystal screen to ensure high-quality picture output in hardware. It also features Toshiba’s exclusive “REGZA” high color gamut engine and 4K dynamic HDR to enhance the overall color of the TV. Brightness and contrast.

As a smart TV, the 5.0 smart interactive system that the Toshiba U7600C is equipped with is also able to stand the test. The all-custom UI design will return the initiative to the consumer, making the operation experience more smooth and convenient! The use of video resources and Tencent video in-depth cooperation to ensure the quality and quantity of the film source. In general, the Toshiba U7600C's rigorous pursuit of products is refined to the appearance of industrial design, hardware configuration, picture quality, sound quality, etc., and price positioning is also full of sincerity.

Speaking off topic, there will be a large number of sporting events immediately after the May 1st annihilation, such as the AFC Champions League elimination, the European Cup, the Olympic Games, and the second half of the Chinese World Cup qualifiers. I don't know if I like watching friends. The author is very fond of watching these sports events. It is very refreshing to invite friends to prepare peanut beer at home. The choice of television became the most discerning thing for me to watch the game. I didn't want to be too expensive, but the screen quality must be excellent. I wanted to take a good look at each of the 51 vendors when I was engaged in promotions and put the old television at home. Changed, in fact, today's evaluation of this Toshiba U7600C is also a very good choice, Jingdong starter just just on the line, interested friends may wish to look.

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