Storm TV released the world’s first VR TV

On May 4th, Storm TV held a "VRxTV" new product conference. As the theme of the conference said, Storm TV launched the world's first VR TV - Storms Super Body TV 2 VR TV X-Men, 43 , 50 吋, 55 吋 three sizes. The three-dimensional VR TVs have continued the upgradeable features of the Superstorm TV. The selling prices are also reversed, with 1999 yuan, 2799 yuan and 2999 yuan respectively.

Storm VR TV is based on the VR computing platform and is equipped with the world's first VR-TVOS system. It can realize cross-platform, multi-terminal distributed computing and achieve a 720-degree panoramic landscape experience, giving users an immersive feeling. For the first time, Storm TV will connect the TV and VR headsets, allowing users to experience the immersive large-screen virtual reality experience while sitting at home.

VR (virtual reality) technology is undoubtedly the most popular technology at the moment, and many people's impressions of VR devices are head-mounted helmets or glasses. They need to be watched by mobile phones. When other manufacturers are still making VR helmets, Storm TV has creatively applied VR technology to TV devices. This is a meaningful attempt in the field of VR and TV, or it will lead a brand-new in the TV field. VR storm.

The world’s first VR TV is undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the storm TV new conference, but in fact, in addition to VR TV, Storm TV also released another two killer products, namely the 40 thousand thousand machine king – storm super body TV 40X Warriors, and fully upgraded VIP film members.

Storm Ultra TV 40X Warrior Edition is priced at only 999 yuan, breaking the industry barrier in hardware configuration and product prices. Liu Yiping, the Storm TV CEO, gave up his rhetoric by using this cost-effective “thousand-yuan emperor” to eliminate 40-inch TVs and accelerate the upgrade of the Internet industry by creating a good TV that everyone can afford.

Interestingly, in the storm TV new conference, Liu Yaoping directed the LeTV, not only released a high-priced low-priced 40-thousand-thousand yuan emperor - Storm Ultra TV 40X version of the police, known as "subversion of the market" LeTV has a lower price and better quality, and also publishes VIP video members who are three times the content of LeTV.

The full price of VIP movie and TV members for Storm TV was 499 yuan. Liu Yaoping announced several sets of data at the conference: 21 new TV dramas in the first quarter of 2015-2016 were 21 storm TVs than LeTV TV; TV has 939 more than LeTV. The total coverage of Storm TV's new movies and new TV series is three times that of LeTV. The price of its VIP film and television members is almost the same as the price of LeTV members. This is undoubtedly playing music.

In addition, Storm TV announced that it will join forces with Twentieth Century Fox Group, iQIYI, and Aofei Entertainment to create a new content ecosystem and super IP. Storm TV will exclusively enjoy the X-Men. Apocalypse, Avatar 2, Divisor 3 and other Hollywood blockbusters in China, and also enjoy the exclusive control of O'Flying Films, Storm Pictures, and Straw Bear Films: Assassin's Creed and Telescope. , Soul Street, etc., storm TV will also be launched with the iQIYI, straw bear film and television jointly launched the grand stalking, the Lushan War Memorial and other single network drama.

In other words, the big movies that will be released in the future are basically contracted by Storm TV. This is to open the rhythm of the bailing mode!

At present, all of Storm TV's new series of products have been scheduled to open in Jingdong and the official website of Stormwind TV. The official sale will begin at 10:00 on May 25th. Interested friends may wish to pay attention.

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