Hisense smart TV installation third party software tutorial [1 +1]

The current development of the TV industry can be described in terms of success. Televisions are given more functions and applications, such as surfing the Internet, playing games, multi-screen interactions, etc. This type of television is called a smart TV. Among them, Hisense Smart TV is one of the more well-known brands, but many of my friends complain that they will not install third-party software. Today, I share with you the tutorial of Hisense Smart TV to install third-party software.

Hisense smart TV U disk, SD card installation software method (more commonly used):

1. Download the third-party application software, save it to SD card or U disk, and insert it into the USB port of Hisense Smart TV;

2. Open the 360 ​​TV Guardian of Hisense Smart TV (you can also download third-party software, such as the popular smart TV application market). Download and install the ES file browser (If you do not find it, go to the App Store utility to find it) ;

3, ES file browser recognizes U disk or SD card software, click and install Hisense smart TV third-party software;

Hisense smart TV remote installation software:

1. Click on the "App Store" of Hisense Smart TV, select "Manage" - "Quick Install", jump out of the quick installation instructions screen, and record the computer's http address;

2, open the computer browser to enter the above recorded http address, out of the "upload apk file" window;

3. Download the third party software (.apk format) that you want to install on the computer side;

4. After the software download is completed, click the "Upload apk file" button in step 2 to select the downloaded software and install it.

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