Skyworth TV without remote control how to unlock?

My Skyworth TV has been locked up. The TV and the remote control buttons cannot be used. What should I do? The author's judgment is most likely due to the fact that the television is set to "child lock". Below the author will explain how to unlock child locks. In addition, some users asked, there is no how to unlock the remote control, in the following, the author will also say that there is no way to unlock the remote control, and interested friends may wish to pay more attention.

Skyworth TV unlock method summary:

1, unlock with the menu key

Press the “Menu” key to select the function display menu. In the submenu there is a child lock, press the channel +/- to move the cursor to the “child lock”, press the volume +/- key to set the child lock to “off”, The child lock function will be closed soon;

Skyworth TV remote control "child lock" button

2, press the screen display to unlock

Press the "DISPLAY" button (channel number display button) on the remote control for more than 3 seconds (or 5 seconds). The program number displayed on the screen changes from red to green to unlock (this type of machine is locked on the screen. No lock logo, but the program number is displayed in red).

3, unlock the password

Press “LOCK” key or child lock key and then enter 4 digits of the password you set, press the channel +/- to move the cursor to the word “child lock”, and press the volume +/- key to set the child lock to “off”. The lock function is turned off. The factory's initial password is 0000.

4, combination key unlock

At the same time press the remote control's mute button and the on-screen display key, the screen display lock (television child lock function) can be unlocked, when the TV's child lock function is turned on, the TV's local key and remote control single button are Lock, turn off and then turn it on again to keep it locked. Different TV models and different circuit designs have different unlocking methods, which can be tried in turn. Some remote controllers even have a "child lock" key, and pressing it again will unlock the child lock.

How to unlock without a remote control

If you don't have a remote control, and there is no "child lock" button on the TV, then you can only buy a genuine remote control, but this process is too much trouble, but directly to buy a universal remote control, about 20 yuan, with the instruction manual After pairing with your Skyworth TV, you can refer to the methods provided above for specific operations.

Universal remote controller

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