Purple gas is coming! SETI brings deep ultraviolet (DUV LEDs) lamps to the Chinese market

Sensor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (SETI), the world's first company to supply short-wave UV LEDs to the market, was established in 1999 and has been providing customers with a range of wavelengths from 240nm to 360nm since 2004. LED lights. SETI is recognized by the industry as a global leader in UV-B and UV-C LEDs.

Today, the purple gas is coming! SETI has entered the Chinese market with DUV LEDs, allowing customers to successfully extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. David Xu, director of marketing at SETi, said that China's huge market can only withstand inefficient storage methods and preservation methods, and SETi looks at this business opportunity and strives to provide services to Chinese customers. The products released by SETi in China in November 2015 are still in the initial stage of development, and the development time is expected to be six months. SETi will continue to supply sensor chips to the Chinese market, while providing both standard and customized products.

The strawberry preservation methods were compared from left to right for the control of no light, UVC light and UVB light.

Studies done by the US Department of Agriculture have demonstrated that UV LED Lamps with wavelengths between 285 nm and 305 nm, or light in the UVC spectral range, can increase the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables in a refrigerated state. Most of the current vegetable and fruit preservation methods in China use chemical agents or pesticides. In fact, using deep ultraviolet (DUV) LED technology is safer for consumers. LED lamps consume between about 2 watts and 3 watts of current and are completely harmless to the human body or the product. SETi has an optimistic market outlook for the Chinese market. “We have found considerable potential in the Chinese market and decided to fight for such opportunities.”

As previously mentioned, Seoul Semiconductor's subsidiary Visois became the largest shareholder of SETi in August 2015. At present, SETi's current production capacity exceeds 100 million pieces. Seoul's Viosys plans to expand SETi's UV LED capacity by three times by the end of 2016.

SETi's first expansion of the UV LED industry was in 2011, expanding the R&D center and the new 130,000-square-foot facility. In recent months, the strength of the SETi plus UV LED industry has reached new heights. (1) First acquired the manufacturing department of Nitek, becoming the world's largest and most cost-effective UV LED developer and manufacturer. (2) Signed a long-term agreement with Psoria-Shield, a subsidiary of Wellness Center, a US-based hybrid healthcare company, to jointly commercialize UVB phototherapy systems. (3) In addition, SETi promotes the industrialization of Violeds technology, which is used by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on the International Space Station. It can be ideally sterilized by UVC long-wave, killing 99.9% of hepatitis C virus within 5 minutes, which can be applied to Household appliances that require disinfection but are difficult to disinfect, such as automotive air conditioners and more.

According to reports, SETi's core technology is based on the development of GaN-aluminum semiconductor materials industry, and its patented product line is MEMOCVD? and MELEO. In 2011, SETi successfully realized the life of deep ultraviolet LED products exceeding 10,000 hours. In 2012, SETi provided the US Navy with an independent portable water purification system that provides water quality monitoring and disinfection capabilities, allowing small-scale combatants to use the system to obtain drinking water from any source of water when they live in the wild. In 2013, SETi completed the first batch of UV LEDs in SMD packages. The first UVC LEDs on the new line were used for disinfection equipment with a wavelength of 275 nm. The picture below shows the product application introduced by SETI's official website.

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