How to customize Android system for DragonBoard 410c

The previous blog post "DragonBoard 410c" has introduced the DragonBoard 410c platform for everyone, and also introduced the Ubuntu system and Android system programming method. Today, I will introduce the customization aspects of the Android system. In this way, you can modify, customize, develop, etc. based on the Android system to meet your own needs.

Download Android source code

You can download the code via the repo command:

Repo init -u git:// -b release -m LA.BR.1.2.4-01810-8x16.0.xml

Repo sync -c --no-tags -j4

The release version above is September this year. What if you want to download the latest version? Let me introduce you how to find the location of the code base.

First open the CodeAurora website https://, click TOP PROJECTS Android for MSM to enter the corresponding project.

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After entering the Android for MSM page, click the wiki button in the red circle below to access the wiki page of this project.

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Look for the Branch Release section on the wiki page and you can find the code download method (in the red box). We need to download the code for the Release branch, so click on the release link in the red circle in the image below to go to the release list page.

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On this page you can find the Manifest you want the code. The DragonBoard 410c uses the Snapdragon 410 chip, so the Chipset we chose is msm8916_64.

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Modify the UART configuration of the kernel

After downloading the code, we need to configure the UART of the kernel. The specific configuration parameters can refer to the kernel devicetree document (kernel/DocumentaTIon/devicetree/bindings/tty/serial/msm_serial.txt).

First, confirm the blsp1_uart2 setting in kernel/arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/msm8916.dtsi. The specific settings are as follows:

blsp1_uart2: serial @ 78 b0000 {compaTIble = "qcom, msm-lsuart-v14"; reg = <0x78b0000 0x200>; interrupts = <0 108 0>; status = "disabled"; clocks = <& clock_gcc clk_gcc_blsp1_uart2_apps_clk>, <& clock_gcc clk_gcc_blsp1_ahb_clk >; clock-names = "core_clk ", "iface_clk";};

Then, confirm the uartconsole setting in kernel/arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/msm8916-pinctrl.dtsi.

pmx -uartconsole {qcom, pins = < & gp 4>, <& gp 5>; qcom, num -grp -pins = <2>; qcom, pin -func = <2>; label = "uart-console"; uart_console_sleep: uart -console {drive -strength = <2>; bias -pull -down;};};

Finally, confirm blsp1_uart2_apps_clk_src in kernel/drivers/clk/qcom/clock-gcc-8916.c as follows:

staTIc struct rcg_clk blsp1_uart2_apps_clk_src = {.cmd _rcgr_reg = BLSP1_UART2_APPS_CMD_RCGR, .set _rate = set_rate_mnd, .freq _tbl = ftbl_gcc_blsp1_uart1_6_apps_clk, .current _freq = & rcg_dummy_freq, .base = & virt_bases [GCC_BASE], .c = {.dbg _name = "blsp1_uart2_apps_clk_src", .ops = & clk_ops_rcg_mnd, VDD_DIG_FMAX_MAP2 (LOW , 32000000, NOMINAL, 64000000), CLK_INIT (blsp1_uart2_apps_clk_src .c),},};

After confirming that the above configuration has been modified, the system can be compiled.

Compile source code

Compile the Android system with the following command. The compiled image can be burned to the DragonBoard 410c via the fastboot command.

Source build/

Lunch msm8916_64-userdebug

Make -j4

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