A small volume of great energy to cure your music famine ----- Rambler little girl Bluetooth speaker evaluation

Foreword: Very unexpected, I actually received the text of the notice from Zhang Aunt. It made me very excited. Before I was affected by her husband, she started to contact Zhang Aunt. She also began to try to apply for public testing. More than a dozen times, this is finally in! Thank you very much, Aunt Zhang. Thanks Xiaobian!

When I received the parcel sent by Zhang Aunt, she was thrilled. Opening the box was like opening a treasure chest!

The box is my long-awaited baby!

It may be the case that the carton is too small. The box of the speakers has already been pressed open. It is a bit worried that it will not be crushed!

Finally saw the little girl really capacity, unexpectedly outside the speaker actually has a very delicate storage shell and base! Such perfect packaging and protection completely exceeded my expectations. Remove the outer plastic packaging, you can see the outside of the storage shell is very delicate, can completely protect the small bread inside.

If you do not use it for a long time, it is also a good decoration to put it on the table.

Just like this light blue color, fresh and not flirtatious, watching Teshun eyes.

If you put a small pot in this transparent protective cover is not great?

Open the pedestal, which contains instructions, warranty books, and data lines.

Little girl's size is about 65MMX60MM, both sides of the front and rear speakers, in addition to being wrapped in soft silicone, silicone feel is also very good, slippery and sticky, feel very comfortable.

The front net cover is the ambler's LOGO in the middle

On the back is the English name BUN (bread)

There are three buttons at the top. The next call is the next switch. These are built-in, and you don't need to worry about the problem of water, because our little girl has a waterproof design up to IP54.

At the bottom is product information

The side is inserted SD card position and charging port, but also covered with a silicone cap, do not worry about the problem of water.

On the right are two arrow buttons to control song changing and volume adjustment.

The small gimmick comes with a cotton lanyard, and with an aluminum solid rope buckle, starting cold, very texture.

Compared with the classic version of the millet cannon bought by her husband, the height is slightly higher, but the lateral size is smaller than that of the cannon. But the function is better than the small steel cannon thrown a few streets.

Used for a few days, found a total of 4 minutes use mode 1: Bluetooth mode Chang security key two seconds to boot automatically enter the Bluetooth mode, this time with a mobile phone or notebook connected to use

2. Handsfree answering the phone mode When playing music with a mobile phone, if you have a cell phone call, press the answer button at the top to answer the call using handsfree mode, and then press it again to hang up and continue playing the music. 2.SD play mode Insert a SD card with a song file in the little girl's head, press the key, the indicator light flashes red, you can use the little girl to play music, maximum support 32G TF memory card.

3.USB sound card mode to open a small girl, even press twice to open the key, the indicator light turns green, then use the data cable to connect the small hammer with the computer, the small girl can be turned into a USB external speaker, instead of the computer itself Speaker play music, no Bluetooth can also play little girl Oh

There are several feelings in using these days:

1. Beautiful appearance, mellow and adorable, jewelry-grade packaging, whether it is to send or personal use are properly.

2. Small and easy to carry, comes with a small lanyard is very easy to carry, go outings, to find a small tree to hang to enjoy the wonderful music, and the overall silicone coating, not afraid of falling not afraid to touch.

3. The sound quality is very good, especially the bass is much better than the small steel gun, and it fully meets my needs.

4. Full-featured, full coverage of the three music input modes, allowing you to treat your music hunger anytime, anywhere.

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