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Reference price: 4G/299 yuan Product features: ultra-low price; touch feedback; Android system N3 uses a 4.3-inch 480 * 272 resolution display, although the relative N5PRO in the display accuracy has decreased, but because the resolution is reduced more Adapt the display specifications of most applications in the Android system to enable full-screen display. On the other hand, the reduction of the resolution also greatly reduces the hardware burden, so that the smooth running of the machine is greatly improved, and the fluency of control is even slightly better than the N5PRO. The ARM+DSP's dual-core architecture and 600MHz clock speed also contribute to speed.

N3 is still using the original path of the widget touch, and follows the previous custom N5 and N5PRO custom interface, with a good sense of visual and control. Built-in G-sensor gravity sensing device, support for gravity sensing game, and will also get a better experience in reading, whether it is an ordinary e-book or PDF, the orientation of the picture can be adjusted at any time during reading to ensure the best reading experience . Support SMART Handwriting intelligent handwriting function, can provide extremely fast text input speed and very high text recognition rate. Support popular Live wallpaper 3D dynamic desktop, cool 3D effect will make your desktop become different.

N3 uses the current mainstream android 2.1 operating system, making MP4 users can experience the most popular dazzling operation. N3 brings live wallpaper live wallpaper concept to the majority of users. It is an indispensable new element of the android system. It combines the abstract art and real texture of live wallpaper with strong playability, so that your desktop background can really show The state of Live, this background effect is also beyond the reach of traditional mp4.

Edit Comment: The original road N3 is used in smart MP4 and tablet MID common Ruixin program, although it is only 720P in the video playback capability, but in the smart operating experience, this product is more superior, able to meet some of the user Basic application requirements.

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