Jingdian, Yiguang face the right to operate in Taigu

Led upstream industry optimistic about the prospects of the epitaxial crystal industry, Taigu Valley, the recent dispute over the right to operate, the company sent last year by private equity stationed in the two major shareholders of Jingdian and Yiguang Guang, Dong Jian election selection market while hot staged.

Taegu Dongjian’s term of office expires for 3 years and it is expected that the shareholders’ meeting will be re-elected on June 28. Recently, there have been rumors that Taigu has become a M&A target. According to market rumors, Crystal Power and Everlight have acquired Taigu shares one after another in private equity and centralized trading markets in recent years, and will adopt cooperation methods into Thai Valley.

In response to the dispute over management rights, Taigu Company stated that there are indeed rumors in the market that external companies want to unite in the matter of Taigu. However, in any case, Taigu holds a firm position and the company has been operating independently. Very good, firmly opposed to malicious acquisitions.

As for Everlight and Jingdian, who were alleged to have entered Taigu's right to operate, they solemnly denied malicious intent.

Crystal spokesman Zhang Shixian stated that if Jingdian had to merge Taigu for a long time, there was no intention of mergers and acquisitions, nor did it mean. Last year, at the invitation of the Thai Valley Board, private equity investment became the single largest shareholder of Taigu. (Holding about 23% of shares), owning a director, is still hoping to maintain strategic partnership.

Zhang Shixian said that the relationship between the two companies has been underway. As for whether or not to further cooperation, it depends on the meaning of Taigu. If there is no wish, it will not be forced.

However, Zhang Shixian also pointed out that if the company can pay attention to shareholders' rights, do a good job of corporate governance and have good business performance, it will certainly support the operating team.

Yi Guang spokesman Liu Bangyan stated that in order to defend the interests of shareholders, he has issued two consecutive letters of acceptance. The main purpose is to hope that Taigu can uphold the spirit of corporate governance to maximize benefits for all shareholders, rather than taking personal interests as the biggest consideration.

Liu Bangyan said that the issuance of a letter of accreditation was due to the decision of the Thai Valley Board on January 11 this year to issue a $24 million ECB (Overseas Depositary Receipt) with a premium of only 1%, which is a premium of more than 20% according to the general market conditions; ECB also issued ECB with a premium rate of 30%. Thai Valley's issuance price is unreasonable. For existing shareholders, Everlight, shareholders' equity will be heavily diluted.

Liu Bangyan pointed out that recently, the board of directors, Taigu did not put the proposal for the election of directors in the shareholders' meeting into the agenda of the shareholders meeting, which was in violation of the spirit of corporate governance and caused people to have "ten thousand years of supervisors" doubts.

It is understood that Taigu’s current shareholding is about 30%, Jingdian’s equity obtained through private placement is about 23%, Yiguang’s is about 7% to 8%, and the market has heard that Jingdian and Everlight continue to The open market bought shares in Taigu and the two parties have held more than 40% of the shares in Taigu.

Taigu currently has 7 seats of directors (including 2 independent directors) and 3 seats of supervisors. Taigu Group has 5 seats of directors, and Yiguang and Jingdian 2 seats. (Edit: LEDxume)

Taegu encouraged by the election of Dong-Jian reform stocks, this year's share price performance relative to strong stocks, and the trend of stocks different tone, this year, more than 30% increase, the highest came to 45 yuan, a record high of 3 years and a half.

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