Intel is involved in smart fitness, determined to seize the opportunity of the Internet of Things

Intel is trying to take action because it wants to profit from its investment in the Internet of Things. Basis Science, which was acquired by the chip giant at the beginning of the year, is about to release a new device, and Intel intends to use all the data it collects in this era of quantitative self.

“Our idea is to empower people in the health and fitness arena,” said Basis co-founder Marco Delle Torre, at the Business of API conference hosted by Intel. The conference aims to focus on the data generated by wearables over the next few years. Delle Torre said the amount of data generated by wearables will double every 12 months - by 2020, 50 billion new users will generate more information.

Intel hopes that the new version of Basis Peak will also be a part of these wearable devices. This is a $200 smart fitness and health tracking watch that is scheduled to be available during the shopping season at the end of this year. Thanks to the optical sensor, the device measures heart rate by monitoring blood flow. At the same time, it can also use a three-axis accelerometer to detect skin electrical responses, skin temperature and body posture. According to Delle Torre, Basis Peak can be used for a few days on a single charge and can use data to help the wearer set daily goals.

“We are studying how to use information to change people's behavior,” he explained.

One of the main enhancements to the new Basis Peak is the ability to monitor heart rate while the wearer is exercising, which is not available with current models. In addition, Peak can monitor the wearer's sleep quality.

Currently, Google and Apple have also set their sights on the fitness/wearable market, and Delle Torre said that watches are the most natural form of wearables.

For many years, Intel has been showing smart homes and smart devices. However, they have not been able to extend their success in the desktop computing market to mobile and connected cars. This time, Intel seems determined to seize the opportunities in the Internet of Things.

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