iMagic, the finest smart Bluetooth light bulb in history

After a year of precipitation, iMagic redefines the product, with its unique design, exquisite craftsmanship and perfect functions, it has a strong impact on the public's vision, making it the most exquisite Bluetooth smart light bulb in history.

Smart light bulb

Today, iMagic is hit hard. The new series of products started in Jingdong crowdfunding. In order to give back to the support of new and old users, the return setting is quite good, far below the market price, and the lowest price is only 1 yuan. A new iMagic smart Bluetooth light, speed to grab!

Smart bluetooth bulb

In design, the new iMagic invites the famous French designer Philippe Landry to create a high-quality lamp with the advanced lamp body painting technology and the beautifully-packed box, which will return to the public. In the selection of materials, the new iMagic carefully selects Philips high-quality lamp beads. At the same time, the glass lampshade and the high-end fluorescent coating inside, also from the Philips supplier, can create excellent light transmission and color mixing effects, and truly restore 16 million colors; in terms of specifications, iMagic breaks the routine, with rationalized lamp bead layout and lamps. The internal cavity structure design can effectively handle heat dissipation, and the power supply scheme is mature and safe, and meets CE/UL international certification standards.

APP design

Not only the process, the new iMagic has been upgraded in function, the product app redesigned the UI interface, adding more useful functions, such as the memory save function, which automatically restores the state of the light before the last power-off when it is turned on (limited to Pre-set scene mode), let users enjoy the most intimate lighting experience, and iMagic will adapt to iOS and Android, currently online Appstore, iOS users can first search for "imagiclight" download experience, Google users please be patient!

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