Can't support Xbox Two soon after Scorpio

Tencent Digital (Gin) The Xbox One, as a gaming machine of this generation, is now more than three years old. Its development is not as good as the big brother Xbox 360, because the initial bundled Kinect, the main push TV function and the game runs counter to the game, ultimately leading to Sony PS4 sales far ahead, basically ahead of the battle to win the game console.

However, different from the past, this war has an episode.

Scorpio and PS4 Pro intrusion

Microsoft said that next year will launch a more powerful upgraded version of Xbox One (codename Scorpio), equipped with a more powerful processor and graphics card, can achieve 6 TFLOPS floating-point operations, bring real 4K game screen and better support for VR ; Although Sony later released the PS4 Pro, but the aircraft is currently listed in the United States and the United States and other countries, the performance is slightly inferior to Scorpio, but victory in this year's Christmas season won the initiative.

In other words, the game console war is not over yet. At present, the 4K screen of PS4 Pro is basically optimized by 1080P. Microsoft nicknamed it as “false 4K”. In addition, game optimization and exclusive content also performed in general. If the performance of Scorpio is strong, it is extremely capable of pressing the PS4 Pro to achieve a counterattack, although we have not yet seen what the Scorpio host looks like.

What about Xbox Two?

As mentioned above, Scorpio and PS4 Pro are only episodes. They will not acquire any exclusive content. All game resources are the same as One and PS4. This is the consensus between Microsoft and Sony, because the issue of "enhanced version" has violated the console market. Laws, they do not want to completely offend the players.

In fact, from the current performance of the PS4 Pro can also be learned, the details of the stand-alone game screen is more detailed, open HDR color more intense, some game frame rates have been improved, but it is still the screen level of this generation. To know that the PC platform Nvidia 1080 SLI can achieve high-quality, full-effect real 4K screen, the game will not stop the upgrade.

So when is the so-called "Xbox Two" the most appropriate? This is a key issue. Take a look at the history of Xbox, the first generation product life is about 4 years, not very successful; Xbox 360 is 8 years, is its peak period; and Xbox One has been available for 3 years, Scorpio forced life expectancy will not exceed 4 years, Therefore, the game industry is generally guessing that, from 2019 to 2020, it will be the time for the genuine One to continue publishing (not necessarily on the market).

What can Xbox Two do?

Scorpio is not yet on the market, where the hardware specifications of YY Xbox Two seem to be slightly earlier. However, it is certain that it will be more powerful than Scorpio, at least to the current level of Nvidia 1080, can support more smooth, open more special effects 4K screen. To know that the PC graphics card can be the same year, even if Microsoft is still using AMD custom graphics for cost reasons, the 2019 game console should not be worse than the 2016 flagship graphics card.

What is interesting is the shape of the future Xbox. Windows 10 (or sequel) is no doubt about its operating system. At the same time, Microsoft's open strategy will continue. There should be no technical problems with PC networking. In addition, Microsoft Xbox executives once mentioned the concept of "modularity" or "PC-like". If Microsoft decides to adopt this strategy, it means that it will likely adopt a subsidy format, allowing players to choose high-definition graphics cards at a lower price. .

what? Don't buy a high-end PC to buy a high Xbox Two? Sorry, the system is still a customized version of Windows 10. Microsoft will still use some means to prohibit users from booting and installing custom systems. Do not use it as a high-priced and low-cost productivity PC.

Games and VR will be the focus

Game resources are always the most important for game consoles. Even if Sony's PS4 has always been an exclusive game, but since its inception, you will find that there are basically no 3A exclusive playable (only drawn to "Godfish 4", "Bloodline"), so the exclusive content of Microsoft will not suffer, Because it also has "Halo", "War Machine" and so on.

Xbox Two's performance is more powerful, and the user is interested. Third-party games will naturally be less. In fact, the 3A masterpieces of Activision, Ubisoft, and EA have not abandoned Xbox One, plus Microsoft has the money to come. A few limited-time exclusive, exclusive content is not a problem.

Microsoft needs to invest in Xbox Two or even Scorpio, and it should be VR. Sony's PS VR is currently at the forefront, but the actual results are actually average. The problem is that the resolution is low, host performance, dizziness problems caused by the lack of hardware experience, and a lack of experience in the game manufacturer caused a single form of content problems, leaving a lot of Microsoft space.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has recently released VR head configuration requirements, only need four-core or dual-core four-threaded processor, 4GB RAM, support DX12 graphics card, in fact, Xbox One can meet the demand, not to mention Scorpio. According to the former editor of Xbox magazine, "Microsoft has always had an incredible R & D budget", which means that if Microsoft thinks it will develop a more powerful, perhaps cheaper, VR headset and platform.

Microsoft needs to build a more friendly development platform to attract game developers to develop content. In addition, the linkage between Windows 10 and Xbox will be a good start if it can surpass PS VR in VR games, and it will also lay a solid foundation for Xbox Two. basis.

Source: techradar

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