The original inventor Zhang Da Ma helped me to decorate the 80th new decoration of weeping blood

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Many of my friends said that there was no style and the whole house was slim. In fact, I also knew that, especially in the commentary, there was a man who said that the minimalist style added American plus European plus Mediterranean, and I looked and laughed, but I really couldn't help. The budget is flawed. Actually, everybody has a closer look at the things I bought. Except for those photo walls in the later period, the others are almost essential items, and there are no fancy things. There is also a reason for this because of the decoration process. Cabinet closet, the woodworking master they had in the shop to install the closet wardrobe, when the door came to install a woodworking master, the other did not enter a woodwork, first, I was too tired, really do not want to bother to find carpentry, and two Even if it was a video wall or something, the masters were too lazy to do it. At the time, when I was working on the floor, I tried to make wood floors and add warmth to the room. However, I couldn't get the warmth from the rest of the wooden floor. The wooden floor made people feel warm, but the fireplace and heating But the film is actually able to give me warm, especially the elderly at home, they have not lived in a heated house for a lifetime, but also want them to live a warm winter. The living room and the main bedroom wall are in fact beige, but they are beige. They are not so plain, but the floor is white, so it looks very good. The latex paint is all Dulux. The name is forgotten. It is a high-end series. It's good, when you paint, don't use too much water, but brush it out is less troublesome, but the effect of brushing is really a bar to the color number of the buddy, I look back, send you again ~ air conditioning cover, Can not send links, but I was searching, air-conditioning cover a few words, Tmall flagship store, there are several, I bought three air-conditioning hood, the color is not the same, choose a lot. Writing this original is not to request gold coins and rewards, but at that time I renovated, read a lot of articles on the ZDM, also asked a lot of questions, really helped me a lot, before the renovation is completely a white, I did not After the decoration forum, it was completely the original ZDM, a little understanding, from the hydropower, water treatment, flooring, walls, decoration plates and decoration masters are drawing on the experience of others a little bit, ZDM is more help in this area of ​​home appliances I am very busy, so even if I feel that I am not very good at decorating myself, I still want to send it out. I think there is always room for people to learn from. Here I help others and I also want to help you! There is a problem to leave a message, I see will reply ~

I am 89 years old, just bought a room in the N-line small city in the Central Plains area last year, be regarded as a marriage room, with many Aunt Zhang on the Aunt Zhang is different from the local tyrants, 132 building area, 4,500 unit price, so there is pressure to buy a house, Therefore, the budget for decoration is very low, very low and very low. . . . . . . . . . .

I wanted to share my own decoration experience with everyone before, but the home decoration is very simple (actually because of the limited budget) I am really embarrassed to send it out, and later think about it, maybe Zhang Aunt also has friends in the N-line small city, Not everyone can decorate what a meter of decoration and the like, in our place. It's hard to be decorated with money because it's hard to keep up with the furniture and drapery in the local building materials market. So sometimes you see the home design on the microblog. Struggle, the next time you can not consider the factors of RMB decoration, free to decorate according to their own preferences

Because of the budget, I did not look for a decoration company. I just looked at the forums and pictures on the Internet. All of them were casual workers. I almost oversaw the whole process. It was a really hard job for months.

The family has lived for a while. When I took pictures today, I didn’t have time to clean.

First floor plan

There are a total of 3 terraces in the house. The entrance to the home garden is a so-called home window with a floor to ceiling window. It is also a small garden. At that time, what the family members liked most was the design. They thought that the door was very bright and we rarely had a local. This design is so like it.

This is the view of the home. There are no ceilings in all the roofs of the home. All of them are plastered with a simple plaster line, so they are not deliberately topped.

Ma Jia bought a flower stand and saw green eyes every day when changing shoes at home.

The horses bought a shoe, a little small, can only hold more than 30 pairs of shoes I bought the price is a set of 800 outside the work is very good inside the general

Ladder shoes, can be placed separately, on a few sellers show

I like the two Japanese-style personals of the gate very much.

This is from the entrance to the living room, a bit messy

The living room light is NVC's adjustable light dog east

Sofa is a rendering of Lin's wood industry

The following is a comparison sofa sofa towel bought 300 sofa 3188

TV cabinets and coffee tables are all 1900's bought by Tmall's flagship store. Plus a TV cabinet can be retracted. It's simple. There is no better choice but online shopping.

TV is a cool open 55-inch Suning Special 1999 bought the system comes with a bit of card quality does not look good or bad to see it ~

Watches 50 pieces purchased under TB Birds can swing

ZDM does not seem to have a dedicated radiator on my home's radiator. Only the living room is a tall one. This is a copper-aluminum compound. Others including the bathroom are all steel. Demerad is like a partner of Wei Neng. It was also a long time. The copper and aluminum compound has the risk of water leakage and the thermal efficiency is not as good as that of the steel steel radiator that was imported. At the time, he was hesitant in Kaimei and Demerra, and later chose a higher cost-effective Demirad.

The wall behind the sofa is very empty and bought a universal photo wall to reflect the feeling of self is also good

The curtains at home were all purchased from Majia. Now TB has a great home. It feels pretty good inside. Everyone can look at the living room and the curtains are the same. The local curtain market has seen it all over again. Bird Stork | American Village Nordic style feels refreshing

This is the balcony The balcony of the laundry cabinet and the kitchen cabinet are the friends to open the store called Daxin all the later they used the effect of the family are very satisfied

The washing machine was a 1200 rpm machine on the ZDM LG 2280 purchased from JD

The faucet that protrudes above is because I just started to take the hydropower master and changed the faucet to change it. That's how I got the washing machine. When I was obsessive-compulsive disorder, I was afraid I wouldn’t leave the faucet for a long time. A great deal of energy is given to the top of the bread is the insulation cotton afraid of the winter to freeze the water pipe

The regenerated salt above the soft water machine has no place to open the balcony and it is empty.

Come to a panoramic view from the balcony to the living room

Home furniture other than sofas All beds and tables TV cabinets Coffee table All purchased at All Friends TMALL flagship store

The lamp is more than 200 pieces of op

The wall opposite the dining table is still a photo wall. Personally, I like this elk. It is also called the fortune. The deer is very auspicious.

I used a frosted glass for the partition of the kitchen and dining room

Next is the kitchen inside this is also worthy of the magic machine Samsung's 290L refrigerator is very good to use is the following freezing room is also to thaw Ads that do not seem to need to thaw is a relatively short time to thaw it?

The kitchen ceiling lights and bathroom lights are Panasonic Amazon 129 to buy the kitchen with two usually like to light a little feeling

Lin's fireplace is quite gas-efficient

TCL reverse osmosis water purifier 489 did not think of buying this home before the purchase of a water softener installed but later found that chlorine is still a bit heavy to buy this, but it seems that this filter effect of residual chlorine after filtration Still a little chloriney taste

The single 86 sockets in the house are all flying sculptures.

The switch is all Philips and it's very easy to use

This is the entrance to the living room, which is the processing capacity of the softener 2.5 tons. It is very comfortable to use. The water in the home is slippery, especially the wash bath. The texture of life is not improved. The place where the pipe is white is because the tiling teacher said at the time. The tube that point with pvc package about on the line did not tiling later all done it only to find that the PVC package doesn't look good to make up the place to make up the bar is a misplaced place it is a 20-inch filter bottle that several switches can Backwash originally wanted to get a whole house to filter activated carbon for later practical use. It was not enough for domestic water. The filter was too big to be replaced in less than a month. Now it's almost unnecessary to use this filter bottle. Sometimes it's not a good thing to consider too much.

Washbasin and toilet are both Faenza's physical store to buy the price slightly higher than the Internet was intended to be online shopping, but neighbors have to pull me in the local group to buy a shower in the local ZDM recommended above the Greek arrow 199 A set of good use

Because of the space, I didn't use a glass shower room to buy a shower curtain to hang the curtains. Similarly, I stuck a frosted sticker on the outside and got a simple shower curtain. Didn't shoot this glass curtain with this glue, it's very beautiful. Especially when the sun shines outside, there's a feeling at the beach~~~

The racks themselves were bought at the Majia site and they were installed with drills. At that time, the drills and electric screwdrivers that were bought for the renovation had played a huge role.

Second bedroom~

Darren's Starlight

Originally this place is the air-conditioner outside the window is not the floor-to-ceiling window I knocked down the brick wall below the window to seal it up and then made a lot of floor-to-ceiling windows through a lot of ~ Air conditioning is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is also ZDM to buy ~

The wardrobe and the cabinets were all made by Daxin’s friends. It was almost tasteless. The inside design was very reasonable.

Children's Room ~ Love this Roman curtain

Ignore the toilet paper and paper above. Two days ago the 199-60 coupon bought two years of paper and roll paper. No place to put it.

The computer desk and chair Ma Jia bought together 500 quality is not bad but to assemble myself I got an afternoon to get it right~

The main bedroom's bright sky ~ practical use is very convenient and very beautiful 38W is also bright enough

Because of the family relationship, this house is from the beginning to the end of the renovation. I'm doing a few cleanings in the middle. It's just that I'm a day and a night and I get a central acid and I only know I remember before I was in ZDM. People who do not like to go home at night to see a word in the evening should not be the house they have personally installed.

There are two regrets in this renovation, one is not on the wooden floor. In fact, I personally like the wooden floor. If you have to strengthen the composite obsessive-compulsive disorder patients are afraid of pollution problems. Solid wood multi-layer and solid wood a bit over budget later can only reluctantly the second is Did not find a favorite design company to pay attention not to decorate the company's local decoration company is too rubbish online pictures to see more and sometimes quite longing ~

This sentence is still a bit regrettable for you to leave some goals in the future. Finally, I wish you all the fun of watching the official National Day. Every year, every year is more than enough.


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