State Grid's opinion document on comprehensive deepening reform is officially released

Recently, the "Opinions of the State Grid on Comprehensively Deepening Reform" was officially released, and it was proposed to comprehensively deepen reforms, establish modern enterprise system norms, and actively develop mixed ownership.

The opinions put forward the implementation of the company's comprehensive deepening reform work implementation plan, improve the modern enterprise system, strive to complete the reform of the company system in the system, improve the corporate governance structure, improve the standard operation level of the board of directors, and improve the working mechanism of the board of supervisors. Deepen the classification reform of the company's affiliated enterprises, and improve the orientation of the reform and the orientation of assessment and evaluation according to the functional orientation of the grid supervision and market competition enterprises. Optimize the functions and control modes of the headquarters, deepen the integrated operation of the general division, and build a differentiated management and control system for industrial and financial units.

The opinion emphasized that the power reform should be deepened and the efficient operation of power grid supervision enterprises should be promoted. Implement the task of power reform. Accelerate the reform of transmission and distribution prices, cooperate with the cost supervision and examination, promote the establishment of a reasonable price formation and transmission mechanism, accelerate the construction of a scientific transmission and distribution price system, and gradually improve the cross-subsidy policy. Accelerate the construction of the electricity market, improve the relatively independent operation level of the corporatization of trading institutions, promote the formulation of trading rules, and continuously expand the scale of market-oriented transactions. Give full play to the role of the "national-provincial" two-level trading platform, and build a unified, open and competitive national electricity market. Actively promote the reform of the electricity sales side, constantly improve the service standards, actively serve the main body of electricity sales, actively participate in market competition, accelerate the construction of a marketing service system that adapts to the diversified market entities, and stimulate market vitality. We will steadily promote the orderly liberalization of the incremental power distribution business, explore effective ways and means of developing distribution services with mixed ownership, and amplify the function of state-owned capital.

The opinion also proposed to improve the market mechanism, stimulate the dynamic vitality of market competition enterprises, and actively develop mixed ownership. Promote the development of social capital by promoting energy-related fields such as pumped storage power stations, electric vehicle charging and replacing facilities, and incremental power distribution. Accelerate the pace of listing of industrial and financial units, increase the rate of asset securitization, and strengthen the standardized management of listed companies. Explore technology-based corporate equity and dividend incentives, actively carry out pilot projects, and establish market-oriented operational management mechanisms.

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