Novelties - Pepper VR · Ant Glasses Unpacking and Using

Winning, winning, winning...

Let me be happy, in addition to soap, liquid detergent, and invoice five yuan, this is my most expensive and most technologically-priced award.

After writing this sentence, suddenly do not know who to give the first picture? Award-winning...? Pepper? Or ant?

Forget it and say it again. First come to an address, APP from pepper live APP, did not expect to really sell.

Unpack directly.

In a corrugated box, you look like a bride in a white wedding dress. She is also married and branded by her parents (Pepper VR. Ant glasses).

Who wrinkles you so much! This carton pack is too thin.

This is your account name!

Wedding guide! I can not wait any more. Look at the description is simple!

Gently take off your wedding dress, shy little lady is still wearing underwear. Very careful!

I like this feeling of shamelessness!

Nani? ! ! ! My trousers are all - I am the strikeout line - you say you, do not come to Xi Shi, Hua Mulan also OK, you give me a black Zhang Fei!

It's kind of personal, forbearance!

Meng Meng's big eyes, there are membranes! I like.

it is good! Foreplay here. Talk about the first look and feel!

1, the packaging is very thin, can be seen from the crease, this point in all the digital products contacted absolutely ranked first, poor review.

2, feel very light, very smooth and tender, workmanship is still fine, no glitches, although the ants as a pepper foundry, but did not smash their own brands.

3, the specification outside the box, there is no warranty card such as the three packs of proof, indicating that as a gift, not refundable, is the meaning of it! ?

4, there is no button around the glasses, compared with the previous VR, it is still relatively simple. According to the logic of a meter, the cost of corrugated paper is increased by 20 yuan instead of 99.

5. The production date is May 5th, which is in line with the time of free distribution of 100,000 VR glasses for live pepper.

Below, I'm going deep - I'm deleting the line - we have a deeper look!

Put a picture of your mobile phone. 5.5 Glory 4x, a collection of working machines for many years.

Then, call your "parents and mothers" and download the live pepper and ant visual APP first.

Let's look at pepper first.

The APP home page is still sending VR glasses. It seems that the local tyrants with a total recharge of 1,000 yuan have not yet reached 100,000 ah, not to say that "the number of daily active users has exceeded 5 million"?

However, I did not find a VR live channel. Baidu search, find this article.

Really silent, I feel like I am returning to my mother's house. My mother-in-law tells you that my house is not covered. You can't find it!

Look at the ant visual APP.

It can be seen that there are still some resources, but the video resources are generally not much, and they are relatively small. The individual video is as short as 10 seconds, that is, when you finish, put the phone in and take it to your head. The video has finished playing, forcing you to have to play again in a ghost.

In addition, let's talk about this local video, click in to see the local video list, click to play, the effect is similar to a movie theater, there are several rows of seats, the local video is played in the theater screen, if you are recording on the vertical screen, then well, people It's all lying on the side.

Download the most watched games, and a video of "I want to get up with you". Experience the body with bumps. The key is the tattoo on the arm. It's a little familiar.

There are a lot of game resources, but you can't ignore the fact that this VR eyewear doesn't have a handle, and you can't let me use my glasses to manipulate the phone.

Watched several video clips and talked with everyone about their feelings.

1, dizzy, last night saw less than 10 minutes of video, was dizzy, a little sick, this morning still faint, it is difficult to accept. This, everyone's feelings are not the same, we do not spray.

2. There is no button or handle, game VR game can not be directly operated, need to use accessories. Of course, the price is not luxury.

3, due to the folding design, the left and right sides of the light, when used will have an impact on the viewing, affecting the experience.

4, whether it is iPhone7plus or Huawei mobile phone, millet phone and Meizu mobile phone, as long as it is 1080P, the grainy feeling is very obvious, only a different degree of fluency.

5, supporting the prickly ash actually did not have a special entrance, it seems that the promotion will take time. The resources of ant's view still don't work.

Let me talk about the benefits:

6, with the help of mobile phone gravity sensor, when the head moves, the mobile phone's image also moves. As a result, when the head moves, our line of sight moves synchronously, just as if we were already immersed in the game scene. This kind of experience is very wonderful and it is totally different from the big screen and 3D feeling.

7, on the product itself, is a piece of hardware to do a fairly good plastic products, good materials, especially the quality of the headband part. Thanks to the soft pad on the face, I can watch directly with my glasses and wear it comfortably.

8. The viewing angle meets the basic requirements, and no obvious distortion problem was found after the experience. Can be placed in 5-6 inch mainstream mobile phone products, can adjust the three-pitch interpupillary distance.

Buying advice: After experiencing Sony VR, the VR glasses at this price point are not worth buying.

1, if you want early adopters, you can buy QQ on Taobao VR glasses.

2, if you want to play dripping, and hands have 2k or 4k video equipment, I suggest to buy 800+, the operation is absolutely on a big step, I feel absolutely different. If Tyrant, I suggest starting 2000+ or ​​even over 10,000.

3, 9.9-800 price, who likes to buy it.

Thank you. The head is still fainting, go download VR resources first. Friends who have good resources don't have to enlighten me. Thank you.

There is the end of the month, and don't keep the silver in your hands. Thank you!

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