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Earplugs have been playing for some years, from the initial stalls, to the high imitation of TB, and slowly starting with some low-end headphones. There are also some small feelings along the way. " What is the right view of listening " has been the topic of discussion among fans, and has always been something highlighted by HiFiman rice.

However, it is irrelevant to most people that listening is not correct. This is only relevant to the part of the audience who plays HiFi. It is not important for most people to have a correct listening view. In the end, what is the correct view of listening is inconclusive. The sound is very subjective, and it is good for you to like your own taste.

This article by Wang Feng mentions protecting the hearing. This is really important.

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There were also a lot of fans who had discussed earplug damage to the ear. Headwear, in-ear, and flat-headed earplugs had the greatest damage to hearing. They basically agreed that wearing earplugs had minimal hearing damage, while in-ear peaceheads would have dispute. Some people think that in-ear damage is large, because the pronunciation unit is close to the eardrum, and some people think that the flat head hurts a lot, and the in-ear type is rather small, because the in-ear soundproof effect is good, and the background sound is relatively large, so the volume does not need to be opened. Too big. This issue is inconclusive, but it is still affected by background noise. Therefore, there are products such as noise reduction headphones. However, at present, in China, the attention to noise reduction headphones is not high, mainly in noise reduction headphones. The price is relatively expensive, which is 50% more than the ear without noise reduction.

When FIIL Diva Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones was released for sale at a price of 999, many netizens said that the price was very conscience. I was very fortunate to have been flopped by Zhang Aunt to get this FIIL Diva experience. See how this product works.


Get the headset is still a little small surprise, the packaging of the box is a bit large, inside and outside the use of two layers of packaging, packaging design pattern is relatively simple, just show the outline of the outline of the headset, the lower right corner of the Hi-Res gold standard more garish. Get Hi-Res gold label shows that this headset has a certain strength, and now it seems that this gold standard is more and more readily available.

In addition to headphones, there is an audio cable and a charging cable. The headset is equipped with a leather hard compression protection box to facilitate the reception of headphones and protect the headphones from being damaged by external forces.

The design of the headset continues the design of Fiil's front earphones. The difference in appearance is not so great. The main frame of the headset is mainly engineering plastics. The telescopic rod and corner firmware are metal, and the plastic cavity is subjected to a matte treatment process. Workmanship is fairly neat and smooth. However, this earphone cavity is not very wear-resistant, and it took a week for the first time to have a slight wear scar. If you use it for a long time, the appearance is a bit worrisome. . .

The Fili LED lights are mounted on the outside of the unit's two sides of the earphone. After the earphones are turned on, the LED lights will be always on. The brightness of the LED lights is not very bright and the design is quite interesting.

The right external cavity of the touch-sensitive earphone can use gesture touch, and the operation mode is indicated as shown in the figure. This touch operation is more practical for not operating the mobile phone, for example, when the mobile phone is not at hand, gestures may be required when cutting songs or adjusting the volume. Touch. However, this touch is also somewhat inadequate because the touch is only effective within a certain range. However, there is no blind spot on the cavity and the operation accuracy is not high. It may take several operations to find out the exact position.

The control button of the earphone is also on the right side, below the unit cavity, switch button, mode switching button, AUX interface, MicroUSB charging port. Although the standard AUX cable is a 4-pin plug, it is also compatible with a regular 3-pin AUX cable.

The protein skin and memory foam used on the inside of the head beam and the earmuffs are soft, delicate, comfortable, flexible, and resilient.

The FIIL Diva AUX interface can be connected to digital music players. Of course, using a digital music player can bring out the best level of headphones and better reflect the quality of the headphones. HiFiman SuperMini is a portable player with a small size and high quality. Using this player can better reflect the sound level of this headset compared to mobile phones.

Sound evaluation:

In most people's minds, the sound of noise-reducing headphones is inferior to that of simple HIFI headphones. The voice of FIIL Diva is basically satisfactory. FIIL Diva tuning focuses on the atmosphere of the sound field and creates a comparatively spacious sound field. In the tri-band distribution, the low frequency is sufficient, the reverberation is much more, the dive is generally not very powerful, the vocal distance is slightly remote, and the latter is slightly behind, the sound brightness is normal, and the masculine male voice expresses Better, sweet female voices are not ideal sounds. The high frequency resolution is good, and it is in place in the details of the instrument, but it lacks in the brightness of the sound. In this respect, it is disadvantageous. Compared with the high-frequency headphones, it will feel more clear in other headphones. If you listen carefully, the details of the instrument in this headset are quite rich. The advantage of earphone sound is the ambience of the sound field, and the disadvantage is the lack of sound brightness. Suitable for rock, electronic dance, biased neutral female voices and masculine style male pop songs, sweet female voice sounds less than ideal.

The biggest feature of this headset is noise reduction. It is more suitable for some people who need regular transportation, and it takes a long time to go to work by subway, and people who travel frequently to take a bus, train or plane.

When using a vehicle, you can switch to noise reduction mode to reduce the noise of the environment through the switch button on the mobile phone APP or the headset. In addition, you can quietly listen to the music in a quiet environment. Of course, the sound insulation effect of this headset is It's also very good, it will not affect the person next to you.

Sometimes in the waiting room need to pay attention to listening to the broadcast broadcast of the car trip, but only need to adjust the headset to open mode, without having to remove the headset so much trouble.

APP Application:

FIIL Diva also integrates smart APP support. The function is simple and practical, and the operation is relatively easy. The adjustment of the headphone operation mode and the fine tuning of the sound are mainly used.

The adjustment of the working mode of the earphone is more commonly used, and can be achieved by adjusting the APP option and the adjustment of the earphone button.

Smart APP can be used to fine-tune the sound style. Personal advice: If you listen to songs, do not adjust the default options, try to adjust the various options, but in the end the default sound is still the best sound. If you are watching a movie or playing a game, you can make some adjustments, such as adjusting the sound field, or strengthening the bass.

to sum up:


The headset is powerful and wireless has noise reduction capabilities.

The Bluetooth transmission is stable in a room with two solid walls. The battery can still work. The battery has a long battery life. It basically listens to songs on the way to and from the office every day for three hours. You can use it without charging for one week.


The main function of noise reduction earplugs is to counteract environmental noise and protect hearing. However, the key to protecting the hearing is to develop good listening habits. The wearing time should not be too long and the headphones should not be too loud. The FIIL Diva is not involved in these two aspects, my personal recommendation is to alert the app or voice prompts when the volume exceeds the decibel, and also to alert the user by adding more hours of continuous work in the app.

The plastic head of the earplug is strong and easy to wear.

In terms of sound tuning, the processing of the intermediate frequency and the lack of brightness of the overall sound still need to be improved.

FIIL Diva wireless noise canceling headphones, its main feature is the wireless and noise reduction function, although there are still some areas in the sound tuning need to improve but the overall sense of hearing is good, but for the price of 999 is also worth the price It is also more conscience. When the price of noise reduction headphones is no longer expensive, slowly everyone will also increase the meaning of attention. FIIL Diva may become the starting point for promoting noise reduction headphones.

Music is wonderful, and only by protecting your hearing can you enjoy better music! See how happy the children are listening to!

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