Why is the new MBP only 16GB of RAM? Apple is afraid of spending electricity

The Verge Chinese Station reported on October 30th

There are many discussions about the new MacBook Pro, including the compromises that have to be made between cost and performance. In Apple's just released three versions of the new MacBook Pro, many people feel a bit of a pity that the new MacBook Pro has only 16GB of running memory, which is indeed a bit regrettable for this notebook, which is not too cheap. . However, now that Apple has come out to implement its own approach, it is said that the main purpose of the new MacBook Pro with only 16GB of operating memory is to save power and do not want too much RAM to impose excessive burden on the power.

According to MacRumors, when an Apple user stated why the new MacBook Pro does not have a 32GB version of memory, Phil Schiller, vice president of global marketing at Apple, responded to the user’s question.

The Apple user stated why the 32GB BTO version was missing in the new MacBook Pro, which caused a lot of trouble for many users, including himself. After all, a 3Gbps SSD solid-state drive can't play a greater advantage by only running 16GB of memory, but only 32GB will have a more significant improvement.

Phil Schiller explained in his response: "Thank you for your e-mail. This is a good question. If our product will run more than 16GB of memory design, then we will need to consume more power at the expense of the current price, which is 16GB. Design is actually enough to maximize the advantages of new products. I hope you can take a good look at the whole new generation of MacBook Pro, it can really bring you an unprecedented experience."

It seems that this is indeed Apple's choice between performance and endurance, and Apple's ultimate choice is endurance. However, according to Phil Schiller's answer, there is no positive response to whether raising the RAM bandwidth will give greater play to the advantages of SSD. According to the official statement, the new MacBook Pro supports "all-weather battery life" and can provide 10 hours of web browsing or iTunes movie playing time. However, since Phil Schiller attributed the reason to endurance, it seems that Apple has given its own answer. (Original author: Nick Statt compile: words words)

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