Toshiba continues to sell $6 billion in assets to greet Canon Fuji

Toshiba, a Japanese consumer electronics company familiar to Chinese consumers, has been caught in a business dilemma and accounting fraud scandal. Toshiba has begun a major business restructuring to gain new vitality. At the end of last year, Toshiba transferred its image sensor and part of its semiconductor business to Sony Corporation of Japan. Recently, it continued to transfer its medical imaging equipment business, which triggered the rush of companies such as Canon Fuji.

It is reported that Toshiba's personal computer business will merge with Fujitsu and Vaio, and Japanese industrial innovation institutions are also preparing to acquire Toshiba's remaining home appliance business and merge with other Japanese companies.

According to the Nikkei News Saturday, Toshiba plans to transfer the medical imaging equipment business to the outside world. Canon, Fuji and Konica Minolta entered the second round of quotation competition.

The transfer of Toshiba Medical Systems is also the world's second largest manufacturer of computed tomography equipment, with annual sales of $3.5 billion. It is reported that the transfer price of this asset will be around $6.2 billion.

According to reports, Canon and Fuji are both competing independently, while Konica Minolta has cooperated with Permira, an investment fund in the UK, but the company’s offer in January may be slightly lower than its rivals. Worried about the future profitability of Toshiba's business.

As early as next week, Toshiba will determine the acquirer of the asset.

It is predicted that the global medical equipment market will have a capacity of $352 billion in 2013, and by 2018, with the global population aging, the market will expand to $440 billion. Various manufacturers are hoping to grasp growth opportunities, and some competitions have already started, including the bid for the Toshiba business.

In the fields of digital cameras, camcorders, televisions, etc., Japanese manufacturers have high strength and brand awareness in the world, but in the field of medical imaging equipment, Japan also holds a dominant position in the world, most Japanese consumer electronics companies, All have medical equipment business.

Toshiba has fallen into a huge crisis due to financial fraud scandals, coupled with competitive incentives in the consumer electronics industry and low margins. Toshiba will suffer losses of more than $6 billion in the fiscal year ending March. The transfer of medical equipment business is just enough to fill this huge loss of loopholes.

Toshiba has begun an unprecedented large-scale restructuring of its business line. For example, in the semiconductor field, Toshiba will only retain its flash chip business with certain advantages. Other chip business for industrial equipment will be transferred to the outside world, and it can earn more than one billion US dollars. .

Businesses such as Toshiba personal computers familiar to consumers will also be reorganized with other Japanese companies.

Toshiba in the future will gradually become a company away from the consumer business, and its pillar business will include flash memory chip manufacturing, nuclear power plants, coal-fired power station construction and so on.

It is reported that in the entire business restructuring plan, more than 10,000 employees will not be guaranteed.

It should be pointed out that although Toshiba's current situation is not good, in Japan's consumer electronics companies, Toshiba is still seen as a transition from the consumer electronics business in earlier years, compared to Sony, Sharp and other companies, consumer electronics The drag on Toshiba has been small.


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