Life helper: Air conditioning is more efficient and energy-saving

It is said that air-conditioning belongs to large appliances, and based on the Chinese people's habits of home appliances, the maintenance and care of such appliances in daily life can be said to be very few. In fact, home appliances also need regular maintenance, and air conditioning needs our timely cleaning and maintenance to make it more efficient and powerful after years of use.

Today, the author brings you nine points that air conditioning maintenance needs to pay attention to. Air-conditioned friends at home may wish to come and find out together.

First, often clean the air filter. Usually wash 2-3 weeks. The steps are: remove the panel; pull out the air filter; clean the air filter. The air filter is washed under the tap. Since the filter is made of plastic frame and polyester filament, it cannot be cleaned with hot water at a temperature above 40°C to prevent shrinkage. After washing, the water on the filter screen can be drained off, the panel can be inserted, and the air conditioner can be installed.

Second, protect the condenser and evaporator heat sink. The fins of the condenser and the evaporator are formed by inserting a 0.15 mm aluminum sheet into the copper tube and expanding the tube. If they cannot withstand the collision, if the heat dissipation sheet (rewinding sheet) is damaged, the cooling effect of the air conditioner will be affected and the cooling will be effected. Reduced efficiency. Therefore, we must pay special attention to protection.

Third, protect the refrigeration system. If parts of the refrigeration system or connecting lines are damaged, the refrigerant leaks and the air conditioner cannot be cooled.

Fourth, the correct choice of fuse (fuse). Select the fuse size according to the rated current indicated in the product manual. If it is too large, it cannot be used for insurance. If it is too small, it will often melt.

5. The manual control of air-conditioning must be stopped and the operation time should be more than 2 minutes. It cannot be stopped or opened continuously.

6. Prevent electrical systems from getting wet. Electrical system is susceptible to leakage after moisture. Therefore, avoid water in the electrical system, especially in the weather and rainy season, and pay more attention to moisture protection.

Seventh, should always check the power plug and socket contact is good, should not loose or fall off.

Eight, pay attention to the operating sound of air conditioning. When you hear unusual noises in the operation of the air conditioner, such as metal impact noise, motor noise, shell vibration, etc., should immediately shut down to check the reason, must not blindly continue to use, so as to avoid greater damage.

9. Always rub the outer surface of the air conditioner, especially the panel, to keep the air conditioner clean. Every six months, clean the outdoor cooler with a long-haired brush for cleaning dust. Remove the movement each year and inject the appropriate lubricant into the fan motor bearing. The refrigeration system does not have to deal with it, as long as the dirt is removed.

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