Fujitsu Semiconductor Introduces 360° Panoramic 3D Video Imaging System

21ic News Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced today that it has launched the company's third-generation high-performance automotive application graphics SoC-MB86R24. The product and its related software began mass production in August 2013.

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The MB86R24 improves CPU and GPU performance, processing faster, and rendering images more clearly. It is equipped with 6 full HD input channels and 3 display output channels for greater flexibility in input/output control. Fujitsu uses the new chip to integrate the asymptotic object detection function (which can notify the driver of nearby people, bicycles and other objects) into the 360° panoramic 3D video imaging system for the first time in the world, allowing the driver to view the camera from any angle. View the entire environment in a 3D environment.

In addition, the product will introduce an integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) system that integrates and provides centralized control of a variety of vehicle information. So far, users can see the car information on multiple screens through the product, and each screen can be controlled independently.

The MB86R24 is expected to greatly help improve the safety, comfort and peace of mind of automotive, home and industrial applications, which are increasingly important.

In recent years, there has been more and more attention to the safety performance of automobiles, which can be seen from the Children and Traffic Safety Act promulgated by the United States. At the same time, the demand for automotive systems is increasing. In light of these trends, Fujitsu Semiconductor has introduced the graphics SoC-MB86R24, which can create a 360° panoramic 3D video imaging system that can notify the driver of objects close to the vehicle, and an integrated HMI system - connecting people and data from inside and outside the car.

360° panoramic 3D imaging system with asymptotic object detection

The 360° panoramic 3D video imaging system uses a camera facing the front, rear, left, and right to synthesize a 3D model of the environment and then display the surrounding conditions from any angle (Figure 1). Last year, Fujitsu Semiconductor introduced a 360° panoramic 3D video imaging system that uses the second-generation MB86R10 series of graphics SoCs and works with megapixel cameras. Because of the increasing popularity of such systems for vehicle surroundings and clear visual confirmation, one would expect more and more additional features to reduce the likelihood of driver negligence while providing a safer and more confident driving environment.

360° panoramic bird's eye view system

Figure 1: 360° panoramic bird's eye view system

Compared to its predecessor, the second generation, the MB86R24 has twice the CPU performance, while the GPU is five times more powerful, providing clearer images and viewing the environment from any angle. The chip also features asymptotic object detection that informs the driver that nearby objects are approaching the vehicle (Figure 2). The asymptotic object algorithm was developed in conjunction with Fujitsu Labs and implemented as part of a 360° panoramic 3D video imaging system, which is the world premiere.

Figure 2: Asymptotic object detection

Figure 2: Asymptotic object detection

The SoC can also capture input from six cameras simultaneously, enabling greater flexibility in rendering 3D images and enabling the technology to be applied to a wider range of scenes.

Integrated HMI system

In recent years, the amount of information sharing between drivers, vehicles and the outside world has been steadily increasing. This information includes electric car battery information, camera images, navigation information, and connections to smartphones and the cloud. Different information is displayed on different displays, including the center console display, cluster display or head-up display, all of which require display control (Figure 3). How to provide such information to drivers in real time in an easy-to-understand way, we need a technology that can collect information in a single location and centrally control how it is displayed according to the driving environment. The HMI system can do this, and the MB86R24 can control the display of the display to meet the current driving scene information.

In addition, the new SoC facilitates the development of display modules and platforms that can be incorporated into multiple models, rather than requiring a development once in a vehicle model as in the past. This greatly reduces the number of components in the display system, while also facilitating the reuse of products with different vehicle models (Figure 4).

At the same time, Fujitsu also provides the software needed to build these systems. One-stop development of high-performance systems can be accomplished with less effort than ever before.

Fujitsu Semiconductor Introduces 360° Panoramic 3D Video Imaging System

Figure 3: Previous display control system Figure 4: Integrated HMI

product features

1. High performance CPU and GPU

The CPU has a built-in PowerVRTM SGX543 3D graphics engine and two ARM® CortexTM-9 cores, so the CPU performance is almost doubled and the GPU performance is increased by 5 times compared to the previous generation. The MB86R24 is also equipped with Fujitsu Semiconductor's proprietary 2D graphics engine. Because the 3D and 2D graphics engines run independently of each other, greater graphics processing performance is achieved.

2. Multiple video input sources, enhanced display output

With 6 full HD input channels and 3 graphics output channels for input, the system accepts high-resolution camera and HD content input and displays on multiple high-resolution screens.

3. Advanced multi-layer rendering performance

In addition to the simultaneous 2D engine, 3D engine and video capture capabilities, the new SoC has 8 rendering layers for graphics processing at different levels to meet specific application and content needs.

4. A versatile software toolkit

The 360° panoramic 3D video imaging system with asymptotic object detection is not only compatible with the toolkit software developed for the predecessor technology, but also with software enabled asymptotic object detection.

Fujitsu Semiconductor offers CGI Studio for integrated HMI systems, a set of authoring tools for content designers and engineers to collaboratively design media for systems.

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