Crystal light eight trends: LED mainstream light source prices into civilians

Crystal lamps have entered the domestic market for 20 to 30 years, especially in the past decade, with the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, crystal lamps are increasingly favored by people. Crystal lamp companies have also mushroomed. As it emerged, the market competition became more and more intense. What will be the trend of the crystal lamp industry in the future? The reporter conducted a comprehensive analysis based on market research results and believed that the crystal lamp industry would show eight trends.

Led Light source upper

For a long time, the mainstream light source of crystal lamps is incandescent lamps, and power consumption is a major problem faced by crystal lamps. Taking a 30-head crystal lamp as an example, the lamp used for each lamp head is 40W, and the lighting lamp consumes 1.2 kWh per hour. Many consumers are reluctant to turn on the lights after purchasing crystal lamps. LED light sources are considered to be the preferred light source for replacing incandescent lamps because of their energy saving, environmental protection, and long lifespan. Many LED companies are trying to break through the technical bottleneck and replace incandescent lamps with LED light sources. Since last year, Jiangsu History Ford Optoelectronics successfully developed the Magnolia foam series products, the demand for LED replacement incandescent lamps is also increasing. It is expected that within three years, LED bulbs will fully replace incandescent light bulbs and become the mainstream light source for crystal lamps.

Crystal lamp miniaturization

As crystal lamps are used in large hotels and clubs and other places, they were relatively bulky. In order to enter the “home of ordinary people”, in recent years, led by Jinda Lighting, crystal lamps have been constantly slimming, and more than 60% of the traditional crystal lamp companies have designed and developed miniature home crystal lamps to meet the needs of ordinary home consumers. Demand.

Product price civilians

With its elegant, magnificent and intrinsic qualities, crystal lamps have always appeared in high-class hotels, clubs and villas. The high price is a traditional characteristic of a crystal lamp. However, due to the ever-increasing number of crystal lamps and fierce market competition in recent years, many crystal lamp companies have to lower their prices and squeeze profit margins in order to obtain more orders. Crystal lamp prices will therefore become more and more popular. Channels sink to the secondary and tertiary markets

Due to the large profit margins, many companies have launched crystal lamp projects in recent years. In the case of Zhongshan, crystal lamp finished products surged from more than 200 years ago to more than 1,500. The rapid increase in the number of enterprises has led to increased market competition. "Environment surrounded by cities" has become the preferred channel expansion strategy for many small and medium-sized crystal lamp companies. The veteran crystal lamp company began to attack the second and third-tier markets after establishing a solid foothold in the primary market. With the continuous miniaturization of crystal lamp products and the constant price of consumers, consumers in the secondary and tertiary markets are gradually accepting crystal lamps. The sinking of crystal light business channels will become an inevitable trend.

Designer resources snatched battle

In the field of commercial lighting, designer resources fight for smoke. In the field of crystal lamps, the battle to grab designer resources has only just begun. Jinda Lighting is the quickest in the fight for designer resources. It is understood that Jinda Lighting has achieved good results in exploring designer resources in the past two to three years through sponsoring home decoration designer selection activities. In addition to Jinda Lighting, there are a number of crystal lamps companies in the town began to start working on invisible channels.

Personalized customization favored

In a hotel project, often only one or a few crystal lamps are needed in a hall. This is not much in terms of quantity, but even so, many designers with ideas always design lighting products themselves. This requires manufacturers to customize with the designer. For a crystal lamp company that sells domestic products, if it does not use personalized customization as a powerful tool to serve its customers, it will lose a lot of opportunities in the future competition. Market segmentation is more obvious

Market segmentation is the business strategy that companies have to adopt after the industry develops to a certain stage. In recent years, the market segmentation of the lighting industry continues to be highlighted, and the crystal lamp industry is no exception. For example, Oriental Lighting and Eagle Lighting focus on hotel engineering crystal lamps, while Meixin Lighting focuses on home lighting lamps. With the continuous increase of crystal lamp companies and ever-increasing competition, the future market segmentation of the crystal lamp industry will become more apparent.

After-sales service specialization

The difficulty of cleaning is a major weakness of the crystal lamp. For a single dealer, providing crystal lamp cleaning and maintenance services will inevitably increase its operating costs. This is a reality that many businesses are not willing to face. As a result, some professional crystal lamps (including other lighting) after-sales service agencies came into being. With the continuous improvement of after-sales service business, the lighting industry will likely have a professional, chained after-sales service organization.

Monopoly area into the mainstream sales model

Compared with other lighting products, crystal lamps need a larger exhibition area, and a single crystal lamp store can not meet the diverse needs of consumers, so the real sense of the store model is not suitable for crystal lamps. Based on this, the monopoly area model will be the best display mode for crystal lamps.

Multi-brand operation is becoming increasingly popular

Multi-brand operation is a marketing strategy for companies to seize market share. According to the current manufacturer cooperation model, manufacturers can only find one agent or distributor in each city. However, due to the limited sales ability of individual dealers, it is difficult to ensure a steady increase year by year. Only through multi-brand operation, manufacturers can expand more channel resources to ensure sales. At the same time, consumers' levels of consumption are uneven, and companies must take into account the needs of middle-to-high-end consumers. Through step-by-step multi-brand operations, such problems can be resolved. Because of this, the multi-brand operation of the crystal lamp business will continue to be popular.

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