1W LED Cordless Cap Lamp, Mine Lamp, Miner Lamp (BK1000)

Model NO.: BK1000
Lighting Time: >15h
Color: Orange&Yellow
Trademark: BOZZ&OEM
Transport Package: Carton
Specification: CE
Origin: Zhejiang, China
HS Code: 851310900
China BOZZ 1W LED 4500lux BK1000 mining light
Use scope
It is suitable for Coal mines, tunnel projects, night-power communication, railway constructions, public security, fire-fighting, steel, oilfield and other petrochemical enterprises.
Product features
1.Safety: with China national explosive-proof certificate Exs I and CE certificate,can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places
2.Light Source: ultra-high-brightness dual LED, super efficacy and energy-saving
3.Rechargeable Battery:polymer lithium-ion battery,environmental-friendly
4.Intelligent protection:with overcharge& over-discharge resistant function and short circuit protection device
5.Usage:can be directly installed in various lamp miner's lamp charger brackets, simple and handy for using
Technology parameters
Model number BK1000
Battery capacity 2800MAH
Working current 200mA
Working time 15H
Illumination 4500Lx
LED power 1W
Surface material PC
Charge mode directly
1W LED Cordless Cap Lamp, Mine Lamp, Miner Lamp (BK1000)1W LED Cordless Cap Lamp, Mine Lamp, Miner Lamp (BK1000)1W LED Cordless Cap Lamp, Mine Lamp, Miner Lamp (BK1000)1W LED Cordless Cap Lamp, Mine Lamp, Miner Lamp (BK1000)1W LED Cordless Cap Lamp, Mine Lamp, Miner Lamp (BK1000)

2835 Green SMD LED manufacturer from China.

There have two kinds of the voltage on this Green SMD LED: 1.8-2.5V and the 2.8-3.5V. The voltage of yellow-Green Smd LED( 560nm LED -575nm LED) is 1.8-2.5V, they are not the normal product, but they do can't be ignored. Most of the Green SMD LED 's voltage are 2.8-3.5V, like 2835 lime SMD LED, 2835 green SMD LED.

In this catalog, we mainly introduce the 2835 Green SMD LED of visible light. 2835 SMD LED, size is 2.8*3.5mm. For this Green SMD LED, we can package with single chip 2835 SMD LED or 2 chips 2835 SMD LED and the power can be 0.06W 2835 Green SMD LED, 0.1W 2835 Green SMD LED, 0.2W 2835 Green SMD LED, 0.5W 2835 Green SMD LED, 0.6W 2835 Green SMD LED, 0.8W 2835 Green SMD LED, 1W 2835 Green SMD LED, 3W 2835 Green SMD LED and so on.

2835 green led

2835 Green SMD LED is deeply loved by their users because of the small size, the high bightnes and 2835 Green SMD LED have the cooling copper at the bottom, which can make the product to get out of the heat in time.
It is often used in LED lighting, LED Lamps , LED backlight, LED panel lights, LED furniture, landscape LED, grow light LED, fill light LED, LED aperture and other lighting products.

In addition, this 2835 Green SMD LED have the angle like the through-hole LED so it belongs to the spotlight SMD LED. It have a len on the top of the SMD LED, which can make this 2835 SMD LED with angle like 30 degrees, 60 degrees.

All of our product are meet with Reach, CE, RoSH, SGS, EN62471 standards and have 5 years warranty.

2835 Green SMD LED

2835 Green SMD LED, High lumens 2835 SMD LED Green, 2835 SMD LED Epistar Chip, Green 0.2W SMD 2835 LED


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