Talking about lighting culture and LED light source in waterscape lighting design

Cai Mingcheng, Cha Xiangen (Honglian Lighting Co., Ltd. 213101)

Abstract: The article expounds the characteristics of the waterscape environment, blends, designs and conceives the waterscape and the light environment, and realizes the setting lighting and LED light source application of the human landscape.
Keywords: human settlements, waterscape, lighting, waterscape culture, LED light source, water creek fountain, waterfront trail.

First, the structure of the water feature "water" is a hieroglyph of Chinese characters. Water is the source of all things. Human beings lived in ancient times, and water gave birth to life and gave birth to human civilization. Water and people, people and nature, and people and people, this is the philosophical essence of various relationships from ancient times to the present, from shape to inner life interdependence, indivisibility and endless.
What is "waterscape"? Waterscape is formed by the combination of material image, volume, posture, sound, light, color, etc., and they are an interconnected whole. This is the first feature of urban water features.
Since ancient times, mankind has attached great importance to the transformation and construction of water culture. In the water culture environment, the rich resources of different types of water environment should be created in the water environment. An open water culture environment is in contact with people for people to watch, so it has publicity, openness and participation. It is a water culture that people enjoy together. This is the second feature of urban water features.
Water has an innate affinity for the natural environment of human habitation, such as: outdoor environment, human settlement environment, artificial environment, space environment, natural environment, landscape environment, all pay attention to the harmonious relationship between water and people. Modern people pursue a comfortable, safe, healthy and elegant life. In order to meet the multi-faceted needs of the material and spiritual aspects of human living, they pay attention to improving the cultural quality of urban people and waterscapes. This is the third feature of urban water features.

Second, water and light environment <br> In the modern urban people's fashion concept, scenery and light should be a combination of rhythm. The use of advanced lighting technology means: hidden - dew, depress - Yang, to create a water and lighting culture combined with lighting and water features. "Small bridges and flowing water" have a unique style. At night, the Qionglou Yuyu, the rainbow flying frame, and the water ripples make people pleasing to the eye, forming a waterscape effect.
Lighting can change the appearance of the living environment and the natural environment, and can also use modern high-tech lighting design techniques to brighten the space attributes. Building facades, bridges, reservoirs, water towers, greening, and landscape sculptures are the dynamics of mountains, rocks, water loops, waterfalls, fountains, pools, water platforms, water pavilions, fish ponds, glass bridges, shallow water trails, etc. The theme landscape with static integrated waterscape lighting culture, showing a flexible space, hydrophilic environment, giving people a feeling of affection, care, warmth and comfort, promoting intimate interpersonal interaction and interesting living environment, showing the waterscape in the natural environment The aesthetic embellishment of the lighting culture.
In the lighting design concept of the waterscape environment, the waterscape lighting is not the brightness, but the creative design of the art. In order to improve the visibility and appreciation of the waterscape lighting, create the atmosphere of the waterscape light environment, select the LED light source lamps, and use the LED lamps to have small size, special shape, good concealment, long life of the light source, color change and low working voltage. advantage. Such as: low-power LED underwater lights, decorative lights, music fountain lights, decorative projection lights, buried lights, colorful hydrophilic light column lights, etc. can create a beautiful, calm and beautiful light environment In particular, the LED light source has a small optical angle and strong directivity, and can be used as a local or key directional illumination to meet the individual needs of the waterscape lighting, and can replace the good effects that the traditional light source can not achieve, and complete the water culture of the lighting environment. . In terms of environmental protection and energy conservation, LED can also be used reasonably. The popularity of green lighting is beneficial to the lighting environment and reducing environmental pollution. The development of high-power white LED light source and combined lighting with solar panels will expand the application range and location of LED, which is the key to LED's final entry into the lighting field.
LED light source features:
1. Good uniformity of illumination, emission angle of 120°, luminosity of 40~50Lm/W;
2. The average life of the light source is ≥100000h, and there is no serious light decay phenomenon, and the luminous attenuation is less than or equal to 10%;
3. The illuminating wavelength should be consistent, and the illuminating intensity of the light color RGB should be continuously changed;
Red light: λ=630~650nm
Yellow light: λ=585~593nm
Green light: λ=525~528nm
Blue light: λ=467~473nm
White light: X=0.30, Y=0.29
4. Design programming control can be carried out according to the overall requirements of the environment, resulting in an overall artistic landscape effect.

Third, the setting of the human landscape water lighting 1. The waterfront trails of the waterfront walkway garden villas show the extensibility of the Huanhe Trail, inducing residents to walk and blend into the night lighting environment, and feel the light on the waterside is so intimate. On the winding tree-lined river trails, the seats, gazebos, rockeries, sculptures, water creek ponds and lighting pieces on both sides have become important places for residents to relax. The landscape lights of the Huanhe Trail are designed to be 30M apart. The sides of the lights are lush trees. The lights pass through the gaps of the trees to create a peaceful and peaceful living atmosphere.
In addition to the passage of garden villas, the more important role is to expand the feeling of space. The purpose of the path is to delay the pace of action, so that people have more time and opportunities to convert more during the walking process. Viewpoints, looking for water features, clear water and blue sky, boating on the river. In the lighting design, it is necessary to show that people have a new feeling in every walk. The light is faded, and there are both bright spots and faint spots, making it bright and dark, and the shade is suitable.
In the selection of landscape lights, solar lighting technology can be selected, which is mainly converted into electrical energy by solar panels and stored in the battery, and then the light control switch is used. When the daytime illumination rays reach a certain darkness, the light control will automatically turn on the lighting facilities. The light source used is a high-power white LED with ultra-high brightness. Since the solar landscape lights do not need to be erected during use, the drawbacks of the "cobweb" in the airway around the river or the excavation of the river trail are solved.
2. Waterscape fountain outdoor lighting water fountain art, giving water life, so that every drop of water will jump with the notes, sometimes spouting water column as white and thick, very shocking, unique shape; sometimes forming a crystal clear transparent water film, in Under the illumination of LED lights, it is colorful and beautiful.
Jumping spring is a stunt water fountain. The water column is as bright as a glass column. It flies in the air, does not “splash” and is endless.
These waterscape fountain art landscapes use sound, light and electricity technology to create a beautiful artistic conception of blending water, light and real, alternating dynamics and statics. The three-dimensional flowing light space is enriched, and the performance of garden villas at night is enriched. This way you can experience the beauty of the waterscape even at home.
3. The people in the water creek pond have a hydrophilic performance, and the lighting design of the bisexual thinking cannot ignore the hydrophilic feelings of the human. Although wading, playing in the water and watching the water are inseparable from the light, it is a waterscape space that integrates light and emotion, providing the coexistence of living and leisure and entertainment for viewing. The waterscape can make people feel like the water in the natural environment, the beautiful and soothing streams, waterways and waterfalls, creating a special living atmosphere for the garden villas, making people feel like entering the Taoyuan wonderland.
The stream shape is an extension of the waterscape, adding to the layering of the garden. In the design of the lighting water creek pond, a spray lamp with atomization function is set, so that the waterscape is like a cloud of smoke, and the cloud is foggy, creating a special state. Under the illumination of LED lights, it is dazzling and dazzling.
The night lights are reflected in the water, like the twinkling stars in the night sky, bringing unlimited imagination to the garden villas. Spotlights can illuminate fountains or highlight aquatic plants, while floating lights and light stones are used to embellish the green grass on the pond, and the shimmering backdrop of the pond is like a dream.

4. The following is a case study of waterscape lighting . The Qinhuai River on the Qinhuai River will become an urban water system landscape axis. From the Sanchahekou section of the Qinhuai River to the Zhonghuamen section, the Jianghekou style area, the humanities and nature area, the park square area, the tourist and commercial area, and the ecological wetland are arranged. In the area, the five major rivers along the river are connected in series. The new plan is designed to tour bicycle lanes, water cruises, walking trails, and ancient river walls along the river to form a tourist system, which will become a new tourist attraction in the city and showcase Nanjing's unique personality and charm. "Long volume."
The Zhonghuamen Castle will reproduce the “Pulp Sounds” of the Qinhuai River. The Changgan Bridge in front of the city gate is linked to Li Bai’s five-word ancient poem “Long Ganxing”, which has become a must in Jinling Ancient City. The Yinmaqiao on the west side seems to be only a stone's throw away, and is the main thoroughfare that runs through Nanjing's north and south.
The wide two-lane highway bridge and the subway viaduct sandwiched in the middle extend to the entrance to the ground, which constitutes the modern landscape point bridge - Yinmaqiao. The theme of the lighting reflects: The Qinhuai River water culture under the Yinmaqiao is the soul of this ancient Jinling city. The beautiful and hydrophilic picture is simple and elegant, full of rich modern charm.
Key lighting: In order to reflect the level of beauty of landscape buildings in China's modern bridges, in the process of creating a waterscape environment, a special type of LED light source is selected. On the outside of the drinking horse bridge, a strip-shaped super bright white LED landscape decorative light strip is used to outline the outline. The linear features of the building are rich in contours, forming a clear white light belt at night, and the driving space is constantly flowing. The façade of the pier is designed to reflect the strong sense of the pillars of the pier. The lighting method is used to focus on the plane or right angle of the bridge pier, bridge and bridge roof, and the special light-emitting luminaires of the LED light source are directly selected for local treatment. Illuminated painting, the theme of the theme: Qinhuai River's "Pulp Sounds" water culture. The floodlighting effect of the LED light source will not cause glare.
Hue: LED light-emitting diodes have a soft light color. It not only provides comfortable visual conditions, but also needs to be coordinated by various light colors to reflect the lighting style of the Qinhuai River, increase the artistic beauty of lighting, and achieve the intention of design. Light atmosphere. At night, the water surface can produce attractive lighting patterns to meet people's visual needs, aesthetic needs, and psychological needs. In order to fully express the architectural features of Yinmaqiao, it has a modern and simple style, with white as the main color and yellow and blue as the auxiliary color to create solemn and generous, giving people an elegant and pure feeling.
LED shaped flood light production: stainless steel metal parts are folded into shaped channel steel, which can be made into semi-arc or straight strip shape, and directly put different super bright high-brightness 0.5W high-power LED light source with different illumination angles into the metal parts slot. The steel is packaged and treated with waterproof technology. In the fixed way, make full use of the piers and bridges hidden in the bridge buildings, and integrate with the bridge, which is bright and gorgeous at night, and harmonious and unified with the environment during the day without attracting the attention of the observer. At the same time, LED shaped floodlighting fixtures are lighter in weight and more convenient to fix, which is fully guaranteed in terms of safety. Therefore, the LED shaped floodlighting luminaire designed by Yinmaqiao replaces the traditional luminaire, and the floodlighting of the building pier is very feasible.
The light on the drinking bridge: In the shadow of the night, watching the lights of the Qinhuai River people light up, the sky, water, bridge, ancient city wall color intersect, meet each Other, depend on each other, the tiger is spectacular, quite Get the quaint wind. Looking down the water from the drinking bridge, the reflection of the light on the bridge projected into the water is also illusory and picturesque. The lights and the rivers complement each other. In the modern fast-paced pace of life, people travel and travel, as if looking for the Qinhuai history and culture of the light and light - the light boat. The ancient city of Nanjing has a long history, profound cultural heritage, and folk customs are simple and rich. Since the Six Dynasties, the lanterns on the Qinhuai River in Zhonghuamen have been lingering. On the holidays, Nanjing people will take the light boat and visit the Qinhuai River. "The boat is shuttled and the light boat is completed." The ten-day Qinhuai light boat is in the world. The so-called light boat refers to a cruise ship with a horn lamp hanging in the Qinhuai River. "Caries horn lamp" is actually not a horn-shaped lamp. "Nanjing Literature" says: "The horn horn lamp, the former Jinling specialty, with the horns into a glue, and the color, condensed and thin into pieces, called Mingwa, There is a Mingwa Gallery in Jinling Market, which is decorated with Mingwa and has a light-transparent light. There is no fire." This is the horn lamp. The "shofar light" of the light ship is the foundation of the quaint culture. It is combined with the "长干桥" and "Drinking Horse Bridge" lights on the Qinhuai River. It is a scenic spot and echoes each other to construct a modern version of "The Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival".
2. The Baijiao Chaofeng Square on the shores of Baijia Lake is located in the first lighting culture square in Nanjing, the Baijiao Chaofeng Square on the bank of Baijia Lake. In the landscape design method, it pursues a water culture on the shore of Baijia Lake, with Feiyan, light and shadow, and chic shape. The theme highlights the characteristic lighting of natural still water. The cascading lighting method is used to illuminate the plant trees in the waters of the lake, and the reflection of the water in the water reflects the characteristics of the water. The sculptures of the square culture include: sunbirds of the Han, Ming and Qing dynasties - symbolizing traditional culture; dragon and phoenix walls, phoenix peony and eagle - symbolizing soaring; girls and pigeons - symbolizing hope and peace. Feiyan landscape lights are novel in style, cleverly conceived, and the lampshade is shaped like a swallow flying. Its light curves are lively and innocent—the swallows are watery and beautiful. The pursuit of the entire design is the pursuit of Feiyan language and lighting, as well as the feeling of Feiyan, light and shadow, and water culture.
In the height of the visual setting of the light source, taking into account the effect of the reflection of the water body, the spatial illumination of the middle layer is adopted as a whole, and the flying landscape lamp H=4M is selected. In the lighting hue, white is the main color and is the upper part. Red is the secondary color and is the lower part. The main light source adopts Philips CDM-T, the correlated color temperature is TC>4000K, and the auxiliary light source is red LED light-emitting diode. The key areas emphasize local lighting and accent lighting. The overall effect emphasizes light distribution and color matching, color temperature and color development, and emphasizes that the light distribution of the light source is properly distributed in the space, so that the light produces a rhythm change in the space. The space and color of all the 100 lakes are reflected by light.
Light reflects the characteristics of space, reflects the taste of space, and reflects the emotion of space. During the day, through the direct illumination of the sun, the pigeons and the Feiyan landscape lights form a landscape landscape with a hundred birds homing. At night, Bailong Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, sculptures, plant trees and water bodies on the banks of Baijia Lake, relying on Feiyan landscape lighting, always run through the main square roads and small-path lighting, and the lights form a soft red-white ribbon in the space. Floating to the end of the Baijia Lake.
For the design of waterscape lighting, pay attention to the creative structure of the natural environment of Baijia Lake. The space is only the light color, light and shadow on the stage, and the natural water environment is the protagonist.
3. The source of the Qiantang River is the Suijiang River - the ancients of the Jiangshan City are also known: the benevolent water.
The water environment art enriches the water environment resources. Water is the lifeblood of the city. With water as the theme, the water is the scene, the water is the environment, and the shadow scene is formed to form a variety of different styles of water environment to meet the aesthetic taste of modern people. Aesthetic psychology.
The water system in the upper reaches of the Qiantang River in Jiangshan City is also called Xujiang. “Suijiang” arranges the mountains, water and green of the natural environment in the center of the city. The water system traverses the north and south of the city. The hydrophilic landscape lights of the river embankment and the LED guardrail lights of the musical symbols, the water surface of the embankment, constitute the “one river and two belts” of the Jiangshan River, and the two sides present the geographical environment of the “Zhongshan Jiajiang” water system, enriching The image of the city improves the living environment of the city. The large-scale sculpture landscape lamp of the Star Plaza in the bridgehead of the city bridge is designed with red as the theme of the theme. With a string of long red lanterns, the festive atmosphere and the symbol of passion are used to show the epitome of the emblem culture. The use of the silhouette of the water surface creates a visual effect like a colored bead chain on the Suijiang River. The night is more colorful and charming. This kind of water system can make people walk through the dim night scene and taste the city, let the landscape art lighting along the river become a window of urban culture, and enjoy and enjoy the colorful long-axis scrolls that are slowly unfolding.
The music symbol LED blue guardrail light, showing a very vivid image, makes people have a variety of associations. Listening and playing a comfortable, beautiful, quiet melody, full of poetry and painting. The guardrail hides the embedded LED lamps, which are bright and gorgeous at night, harmonious and unified during the daytime, adding cultural connotation to the “one river and two belts” and embodying the people-oriented concept.
The bright, high-pitched, beautiful melody, through the mountains and valleys to welcome new people. Seeing the scenery, beautiful and moving music such as the Qingshui River rushing, the hydrophilic LED landscape lighting and water reflection on the bank of the river bank, creating attractive lighting patterns. The combination of waterscape and lighting along the river effectively enhances the level of the lighting environment in Jiangshan.
LED light sources also have the following landscape features in night lighting applications:
1. The lighting effect can be changed to achieve dynamics;
2. The hiding power of night lighting equipment is good;
3. Night lighting is safe;
4. The maintenance and management of night lighting facilities is small.
When people are looking for transformation and appreciation of water features, waterscape lighting, and waterscape culture, they are enriched with abundant water and environmental resources, and realize the living environment in harmony with nature. People are observing, feeling, listening, and flowing in the ear. It is such a harmonious and beautiful, and the water is also filled with radiant lights, which makes people feel a little touched.

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